Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust optimise licensing management

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About Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust employs 5,000 staff and provides mental health, learning disability, substance misuse and prison healthcare services throughout Sussex, supporting the provision of specialist services across the South East of England.

Business Driver

With the demise of the NHS Enterprise Wide Agreement (EWA), NHS Trusts were left to manage their software licensing strategy independently. The Trust’s IT team looked to Trustmarque to assess their options and provide guidance on how best to manage affairs moving forward.


Optimise licensing to reduce overspend and ensure full compliance

Undertake a full Software Asset Management (SAM) assessment

Leverage professional expertise when making key decisions about the IT estate and associated licensing options

Trustmarque were able to analyse previous usage for the Trust, align that to the EWA licences and provide all available cost options using the new discounts and all licensing metrics. It was crucial to ensure that Sussex Partnership was adequately and legally licenced in respect of their current holdings, as well as establishing appropriate arrangements which fully aligned to their IT transformation programme.


Virtual Asset Manager

Trustmarque’s Virtual Asset Manager (VAM) service takes the hassle out of asset management, inventory collection and software licence reconciliation. Over the course of the three-year service, Trustmarque will manage inventory for the Trust, providing ongoing compliance and licensing management guidance in addition to regular on-site reviews. With Trustmarque’s help, Sussex Partnership will be able to constantly optimise their licence management, reconciling licences against installed applications and reporting on potential non-compliance.

EA Managed Lifecycle

The Enterprise Agreement (EA) Managed Lifecycle service provides the Sussex Partnership with resources, guidance and licensing advice over the course of a three-year period. Come the end of the agreement, Trustmarque will undertake a comprehensive review, working with the Trust to analyse short- and long-term licensing strategies and ensure that Sussex Partnership is in the strongest possible position when deciding on the way forward.


Improved Visibility – The Trust has aligned the Snow platform and the VAM Service with procurement to ensure that they have full visibility of all software being purchased and used within the IT infrastructure and have confidence their software licensing is being tracked much more efficiently.

Reduced Redundancy – With the increased visibility afforded by Snow Licence Manager, Sussex Partnership has significantly reduced redundancy within their systems.

Cost Effectiveness – The Trust has invested significantly in new technology, with the goal of improving on overall cost efficiency in the longer term.

Ongoing Support – As part of the VAM service, Sussex Partnership will be able to consult Trustmarque on currently deployed assets, as well as any future investments for the IT estate. By ensuring that all current installations are fit for purpose, the Trust can drive efficiency and simultaneously pave the way for innovation in the future.

Why Trustmarque

Having worked with Trustmarque previously, the Trust’s IT leadership management turned to us again to provide assurances in respect of compliancy, while also ensuring the Trust avoided being over-licensed. Additionally it was important for the Trust to draw the professional expertise of the consultants here at Trustmarque which it would be impracticable to employ directly at the Trust. Sussex Partnership chose to implement Snow License Manager to aid in their SAM strategy, along with Trustmarque’s VAM service which provides expert advice, guidance and managed SAM activities in conjunction with the Trust’s own team, producing a successful partnership. The Trust chose Snow Licence Manager, thanks to the wide variety of functionality and reporting on offer as well as the long-standing credibility of Snow’s reputation, and has not been disappointed. Hosted securely in Trustmarque’s data centres, the solution minimises the need for local server support and provision, while workshops ensure that the necessary skills to use the SAM system are provided to on-site staff.

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