Our latest research report, The CIOs Cloud Conundrum, reveals some intriguing insights into CIOs’ attitudes towards the Cloud. From choosing which cloud platform to go with, to implementing cloud services, it seems that CIOs really are in the dark over the Cloud.

Indeed, the research has revealed the vast majority of CIOs (81%) are struggling to identify and implement the cloud services suitable for their business, because of vendor hype and differing cloud definitions. Furthermore, the complexity of existing IT infrastructures also makes it difficult for CIOs to move to the Cloud, with 66% of CIOs citing IT complexity as a barrier.

Similarly, because many of the applications that businesses were used were not built with cloud in mind, over two thirds (68%) of CIOs think that modernising or re-architecting certain applications will slow their cloud journey. Coupled with the complexity of existing IT environments, this means many IT departments face hurdles on their cloud journey. The best way for CIOs to overcome these hurdles is to identify the ‘quick cloud wins’, by assessing what services can be moved to the cloud with the least disruption. This ‘hybrid approach’ is a way for CIOs to quickly deliver the benefits of cloud with reduced risk.

In addition to this, the majority of CIOs (74%) believe that cloud services are making data governance more complicated. This is particularly interesting given the recent changes to the Safe Harbour legislation, which expected to impact many businesses. Whilst much research suggests that data is actually safer in the Cloud, many organisations – especially those that deal in sensitive data – are still concerned.

Between the complexities of IT infrastructures, dated software licensing models, and the demand from business users for cloud services that are as simple as the ones they use at home, today’s CIOs face a conundrum. There is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to cloud, and all options, from public, private and hybrid models, must be carefully considered. The transition to cloud poses questions, but if CIOs can answer those questions successfully, the potential benefits of cloud can help them build a bimodal infrastructure and increase innovation

The full ‘The CIO Cloud Conundrum’ report can be downloaded here. For more information on how Trustmarque can help your organisation move to the Cloud, see our full list of cloud services here; or contact us on 0845 2101 500, or email us at info@trustmarque.com.

Image provided by George Thomas.