Do you struggle to get the data you need to make key decisions?

Making sense of large amounts of data is a time-consuming, frustrating challenge for any organisation and as a consequence it is widely recognised that 70 – 80% of Business Intelligence (BI) projects fail. Many NHS bodies struggle with fragmented, inconsistent data and as a result they see a dramatic reduction in staff engagement.

Are you responsible for delivering efficiency gains whilst improving safety?

If so this webinar can help you. Our team use BI to deliver the best efficiency and safety improvements, quickly delivering permanent, self-funding and reliable enhancements – by combining data intelligence with process optimisation. So listen to how we could help improve your most fruitful improvement opportunities and drive towards the NHS England goal of 4% annual cost improvements.

About the webinar:

To find the right solution you first need to be effective at questioning the needs of your organisation. This is why on Tuesday 6th October we will be hosting a webinar to identify the challenges surrounding BI projects. Using a range of effective ideas and concepts we will give you the help and support you need to analyse your data effectively and make better informed decisions. The webinar follows the recent successful delivery of BI capabilities into The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, a great example of how BI can be successfully integrated into a large, complex organisation with minimal disruption. By working in partnership with Trustmarque, The Christie were able to get a grip on their data, create more standardised results and put the right tools in place for their team. As a result engagement has significantly increased, with a dramatic increase in the number of nurses now using reporting systems.

Title: The Struggle for data: What can you do to help your organisation?

Date: Tuesday 6th October

Time: 11am – 12pm

Register: Click here