Cloud-ESP: A New Way to the Cloud

Few technologies have had such an overwhelmingly positive impact on modern business as the Cloud. From enhanced productivity, to enormous cost savings, to increased flexibility, the Cloud offers organisations a whole host of benefits that can transform they work.

But despite the undeniable benefits of cloud computing, as many as 81% of CIOs are confused about the Cloud. What’s more, many organisations are losing control of their cloud spend, losing sight of the massive cost-savings that cloud computing can actually bring.

At Trustmarque, we believe in simplifying IT and putting you in control of your IT spend. That’s why we’ve created Cloud-ESP – the simple way to purchase and manage cloud computing.

Whether you are already on your cloud journey or just planning your first steps, with Cloud-ESP you can gain access to a range of bespoke and packaged solutions that can be provisioned in hours, not weeks.

To learn more about Cloud-ESP, watch the trailer video today!

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