Enhancing Cybersecurity awareness and efficiencies with SIEM

LogPoint has recently joined the Trustmarque portfolio to help address the growing requirements for enhanced Cybersecurity awareness and efficiencies by leveraging SIEM technology. LogPoint has grown 300 % over the few years in the UK market, supporting both public and private sector organisations in obtaining the centralised actionable intelligence required to secure today’s complex network infrastructures. Addressing the key market concerns, LogPoint ensures the provision of SIEM technology in a predictive and cost-effective manner coupled with an extremely quick Time to Value.

In this video, Russell Poole, Regional Director, UK&I from LogPoint alongside James Holton, cyber-security lead at Trustmarque, discuss:

  • How to ensure your cyber-security solutions adds efficiencies to the day to day, rather than overhead
  • How to provide compliance visibility around such areas as DSPT, NIS/CAF, GDPR and PCI
  • How leveraging integrations with the likes of MITRE and PDNS ensure extra context is provided to decision making

You can find out more about LogPoint and request your SIEM overview and deep-dive technical demonstration on our LogPoint partner page