Office 365 Readiness Assessment:
Deploying the very latest productivity tools, such as Office 365, may seem like a trivial task, but to gain the most value these tools require integration with existing systems that can add complexity and cost.

Before you make the switch to Office 365, your IT environment needs to be prepared and ready to unlock the true benefits of adopting Cloud services, matched to your individual needs.

Spend one hour with us to evaluate the benefits to your business by switching to Office 365 today with our Readiness Assessment.

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The way we work has changed and keeps evolving. Using the internet or accessing your emails on the-go is as common as driving a car. The challenge for organisations is how to capitalize on the benefits of employees having connected devices…and meet their demands of wanting to use their business applications anytime and anyplace to do their job.
Microsoft Office 365 is helping this challenge, empowering your organisation to work smarter. Office 365 is a suite of Cloud hosted business tools to make your organisation mobile, productive, and collaborative.

BUT before you can switch to Office 365 your IT system needs to be prepared and you need to know how to best unlock the true benefits of the service. Trustmarque’s Office 365 readiness assessment will empower you to explore the adoption of Office 365 through clear expert recommendations and planning evaluations. Assess your organisation’s suitability for the service with insightful analytical information about your unique IT environment such as current bandwidth, operating systems, capacity and desktop management. This ensures you reduce the risk and cost of introducing Office 365. Evaluate the benefits that Office 365 can offer your organisation and make an informed decision matched to your specific requirements. Our Cloud experts can then help you discover the Cloud products that will allow your business to grow and proceed to give you a clear migration strategy for secure deployment. Spend one hour with us and we can provide an Office 365 Readiness Assessment & report to evaluate your suitability for switching to Office 365 today. Visit to learn more.