West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive: Guidance in New Strategic VDI & ICT Plans

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West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive was approaching a break clause in a long-term and potentially costly Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, but with a new ICT strategy due to be planned in the near future, the organisation needed to know what its best option was.

In approaching the project, West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive’s objective was not simply to make savings, but to be able to make a decision as to whether to continue with the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement in its present state. Bearing in mind the organisation was due to review and revise its ICT strategy well before the remainder of the software licence was due to expire, the organisation felt that its interests would be best served by obtaining an expert opinion from an experienced set of software consultants: Trustmarque.

The organisation wanted to understand what the options around Microsoft Licensing available to it were, as well as get a feel for what the cost would be to extend the Enterprise Agreement. It also wanted an expert’s perspective on the direction Microsoft was taking for future compliance, which is why the company brought in Trustmarque.

Trustmarque demonstrated that West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive would get most value for money by exiting the Enterprise Agreement now and taking stock of what is required by the new ICT strategy in 2014, at which point the company may opt to enter a new Microsoft EA. The exit from the current agreement will be effective from March 31st 2013 but, as the company has perpetual licences for its existing software, there will be no lack of provision for its employees. In addition, the organisation now has the scope to take the ICT strategy in almost any direction it wishes.

One project that had been under consideration for implementation in the near future was a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Trustmarque advised West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive that, if it was something that the company was doing to do, then it would make more sense to stay on the Enterprise Agreement to support this while the ICT strategy was being formulated.

Before investing in a VDI, West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive needed to be sure that there was a genuine business case for its implementation. Trustmarque’s Commercial Benchmarking consultancy considered the considerable internal resources required for implementation showed that there was not a powerful enough business driver for adopting VDI at the present time. By deferring the project to a later date, West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive has made considerable savings and left itself scope to develop the ICT strategy that works best for it moving forward.

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