How to boost workforce collaboration and mobility

Having the right mobility solutions and collaboration tools in place to support a variety of work styles, whilst keeping a tight grip on security – is paramount for success. Organisations that don’t adapt to this changing technological landscape risk losing talent and delivering poor services.

Our Workplace Productivity and Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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How Trustmarque can help you build your digital enterprise

Designed to meet the demands of a mobile workforce, our workplace solutions help organisations to give employees the tools and support they need. Whether inside or outside the office, our approach is designed to connect your workforce to three key business assets: information, people and applications to increase productivity and performance.

We invest time in understanding the current user experience, your organisation’s future needs and business objectives to deliver bespoke workplace solutions that really work.

This is the digital workplace. Come on in

Let us help you develop your digital workplace. Discover more about our workplace productivity solutions:

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Driving productivity and collaboration improvements

We have helped numerous customers in both the pubic and private sectors improve productivity, collaboration and mobility within the workplace with our digital enterprise and mobile solutions.

Read how the Family Building Society’s intranet – delivered in just 8 weeks – has led to a much more collaborative way of working.

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Our four step approach to redefining the Digital Workplace:

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1. Assessment

Get ready by benchmarking your goals, identify business value, your gaps, build a plan, test & approve. Gain insights through workshops, assessments and proof of concepts to help you get started.

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2. Service application

Provide best practices and support for your organisation to determine the right policies and framework necessary to build a secure foundation for your Digital Workplace – This includes access rights, device types and networking considerations.

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3. Right tools and software

We can help migrate and bring your productivity tools – email, calendaring, contacts, online conferencing, sync & share, instant messaging and social media to empower your workforce.

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4. Training

Once you are up and running, we can help you maintain your workplace including health checks, support & maintenance and business continuity.

Our Digital Workplace and Enterprise mobility solutions can help

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Enable employees to instantly communicate, share and innovate together across the enterprise border through the adoption of seamless digital experiences

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Improve IT infrastructures and a mobile first approach help create a productive environment and gain a competitive advantage

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Embrace the technology and tools that offer a better work-life balance will retain and attract the brightest talent

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Ensure governance, security and trust for mobile working, through a framework to deliver a seamless yet secure and modern workplace

Our Workplace Productivity & Digital Enterprise services

User Productivity Assessment

Our User Productivity Assessment identifies the benefits of a modern operating environment and the requirements from a technical perspective to ensure that the new operating model is aligned not only to your core operating practices but that it provides value to your organisation, delivers a consistent and positive experience for users, reduces support requirements for your IT teams and lowers your overall operating expense.

How Trustmarque can help

Following the user productivity assessment, we will deliver a set of recommendations, which will enable you to create your own outline business case, and a plan for the next steps once your business is ready to progress.

Our user productivity assessment can help:

  • Increase productivity as a result of improvements in the speed of which many o ce tasks are achieved
  • Increase customer service and satisfaction from quicker and efficient technology
  • Reduce IT management time and cost
  • Improve security enabled by the latest technologies such as BitLocker, Secure Boot and Device Guard
  • Speed and efficiency in the deployment of user devices

Customer Immersion Experience

Based on the Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools, the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) takes you through common work- related scenarios such connecting in real time with co-workers and customers. It lets you use the latest software to show you how using technology can create new ways of working, and explores how to make the most of your staff abilities and enable them, and your business, to be more productive. It lets you experience Windows 10 and the features of the Office suites across a variety of devices, including tablets, PCs, and smartphones.

Trustmarque’s Customer Immersion Experience can help organisations to:

  • Enable employees to instantly communicate, share and innovate together through the adoption of seamless digital experiences
  • Boost employee productivity by incorporating smarter technologies in to working practices
  • Foster stronger working relationships through virtual working and video conferencing
  • Improve business communications by enabling people to interact anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Reduce travel and real estate costs with flexible remote workers

Discover more about our Customer Immersion Experience:

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Business Productivity Assessment

Our Business Productivity Assessment helps to support your business and the demands of your staff. Through a systematic process of business analysis and technology consulting, we can help define the high-level vision for collaboration within your organisation. Helping to create the business case for change and deliver fit for purpose solutions in full alignment with the strategic goals of your business.

Trustmarque’s Business Productivity services can help organisations to:

  • Identify the technologies that will enable you to empower a productive workforce
  • Identify your key business and technology priorities
  • Assess your organisation’s state of readiness to embrace the technical and cultural change required to enable a modern workforce
  • Review your suitability for adopting or further deploying alternative IT operating models
  • Equip staff with tools to do their roles efficiently
  • Transform the way organisations and staff work through easier collaboration and better communication

Discover more about our Business Productivity Assessment:

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Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness Assessment

Trustmarque has developed our Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness Assessment to remove the guesswork from the preparation process for Windows 10 deployment. It provides an in-depth understanding of your current desktop environment and application portfolio to ease your transition to Windows 10.

Discover more

Trustmarque’s Microsoft Windows 10 planning service can help organisations to:

  • Enable IT to spend less time on day to day tasks
  • Ensure greater data and user safety
  • Control costs
  • Increase efficiency through smoother working practices
  • Enhance desktop management and reporting

SharePoint Consultancy and Support

Why migrate to SharePoint? Because SharePoint offers significant business benefits for organisations, such as improving collaboration and productivity among the workforce. However, tailoring SharePoint to specific organisational needs, deploying and maintaining organisation-wide can be a challenge.

Trustmarque’s SharePoint Consultancy and Support service helps organisations:

  • Make the right decisions when using SharePoint online
  • Enable governance to avoid the risks of sprawl and ensure policy support
  • Realise the full potential of SharePoint
  • Get the most from the platform at the lowest cost
  • Experience easier collaboration with external users in extranet scenarios
  • Utilise the records and rights management to best effect
  • Reduce the operational costs of maintaining the SharePoint platform
  • Get expert support as and when needed
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Desktop Migration Service

Migrating to a new desktop operating system is a highly complex and potentially costly operation that will affect every user in your organisation. Our Desktop Migration service is designed to mitigate risk and assess your current IT estate to deliver an efficient and cost-effective desktop migration. It covers a range of key technologies including Windows 10, desktop and application virtualisation, Citrix and VMware, application packaging as well as Office 365. 

Our Desktop Migration service can:

  • Increase desktop migration speed-to-value
  • Reduce deployment risk and total cost of ownership
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce complexity and cost of future desktop migrations
  • Identify your current readiness to upgrade
  • Assess and manage areas of risk in migration
  • Deliver a more streamlined migration project
  • Reduce associated costs by up to 80%

Discover more about our Desktop Migration Service:

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Desktop Deployment Planning Service

Deploying a modern desktop improves productivity, while providing IT departments with the level of control, manageability and security they require to work efficiently. To ensure a successful, cost-effective deployment, Trustmarque’s Desktop Deployment Planning service (DDPS) provides a certified Microsoft professional to develop a unique, robust and bespoke deployment plan.

Trustmarque’s Desktop Deployment Planning service can help:

  • Realise the value of the optimised desktop, including: Windows 10, Office 365, as well as desktop management technologies
  • Keep computers current with desktop applications
  • Streamline desktop deployment complexities
  • Reduce cost associated with maintaining PCs

Discover more about our Desktop Deployment Planning Service:

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Desktop and Application Virtualisation Service

Virtualisation is a crucial way to ensure that your desktop and applications are kept up-to-date and secure, whilst significantly reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our Desktop and Application Virtualisation service evaluates your current desktop and application estate and readiness to migrate.

With Trustmarque’s Desktop and Application Virtualisation service, you can:

  • Reduce deployment risk and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increase application and desktop virtualisation to speed
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Gain a deeper understanding of approaches to virtualisation
  • Meet cost saving targets
  • Streamline practices and processes to improve efficiency
  • Support flexible working
  • Identify if and how to implement your virtualisation project

Discover more about our Desktop and Application Virtualisation Service:

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Business Transformation

Today’s complex technology marketplace is fundamentally changing business priorities. As a result IT departments are having to react to different scenarios and customer demands, whilst maintaining a commitment to growth, improving business processes and delivering stable service. Our Business change management tools and transformation services help organisations manage these challenges by working collaboratively with teams to develop practical solutions to the challenges of today.

Our Business Transformation and Change Management services include:

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Strategy and Infrastructure design
  • IT Strategy Service
  • Project Management and Governance

CRM Consultancy

In this customer-driven world, the ever-changing needs of today’s customers presents organisations with many challenges. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy can empower organisations to better manage customer interactions and acquisition processes, form strong relationships and retain customers across multiple channels. Our CRM services offers technical and market expertise, along with the support and service capabilities needed to deliver a CRM system and associated services seamlessly. From a pre-configured arrangement to a bespoke end-to-end solution, our experienced team will help you deliver an effective service.

Our CRM services include:

  • CRM Readiness Assessment
  • CRM Solutions
  • Dynamics CRM Online Services

Regain control of your data

Read how our CRM platform has helped the Skills Funding Agency Data Collections enhance its funds collections process.

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