Bedrock Data Warehouse workshop

Build faster, more reliable and accurate reporting for the NHS using Bedrock

Our Bedrock Data Warehouse workshop will demonstrate how you can create reliable and accurate ways of reporting and explores how to enable your staff and your organisation to reduce costs, make efficiencies and become more productive.

We understand that NHS data must be reliable, accurate and evidence backed. Yet talking to our NHS customers, we find that efficient and effective reporting can be a real challenge for the NHS. Many NHS organisations have complex and laborious reporting processes that are fragile and resource intensive due to processes and tools that have grown organically over the years.

We will discuss how moving to a modern data warehouse will:

  • Implement reporting that is on time and more accurate than ever
  • Automate reporting processes
  • Reduce checking times
  • Create cost savings
  • Make processes and reporting faster and more reliable
  • Ensure large updates can run in minutes and the data is always available 24/7
  • Provide on demand reporting results when you need them

When is the time to look at your reporting?

  • Organisational mergers or restructuring
  • PAS replacement
  • Consistent failing reporting
  • Lost income
  • Staff resource changes
  • A need to drive innovation from data

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Why Trustmarque and Bedrock?

Bedrock Data Warehousing has been designed and built by NHS and data warehousing experts. With over 12 years of NHS experience and 17 years of data warehouse experience, Bedrock Data Warehousing is an extremely efficient solution to address the real issues of resources and complexity for NHS organisations.

The team at Bedrock has vast experience of delivering data warehouse services to NHS Trusts, ranging from rural community, mental health trusts and large complex acute Trusts.

Trustmarque is one of the largest and most consistent suppliers of IT software and services to the NHS for over 30 years. Combined with our in-depth technology and Microsoft Azure skills, assets and experience, we can offer the perfectly balanced IT solution to complement the skills of Bedrock.