Cyber security workshop

Understand your cyber security challenges

The Trustmarque Cyber Security Workshop explores your current cyber security situation, ascertains where you want to be and discusses how you can close the gap between the two. This high level, exploratory workshop helps you understand your cyber security challenges and presents the solutions and options available.

During the session, we will look how you can improve your security posture and discuss the following areas:

  • Your existing state, infrastructure and current security solutions in use
  • If you have or are adopting cloud services such as Public Cloud, SaaS or Modern Workplace, we’ll examine the security tools you are already using to identify any obvious gaps or efficiencies that can be made
  • Compliance and legislation requirements, from GDPR, ISO, PCI to NISD, we offer guidance and recommendations for your design requirements to meet your obligations
  • Cyber security challenges that should be considered when implementing digital transformation and cloud strategies
  • Your desired future state, your appetite for risk, and how you move towards a more acceptable and maintainable level

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Next steps

After the workshop, we will produce a recommendations report on how to move forward and bridge any gaps identified in the session. This can be explored from both within your current security suite and the wider security ecosystem.

For any gaps that have been identified, we can carry out a threat assessment that will help you qualify and quantify the extent of any problems within your environment. This means any required investment is only undertaken when the risk has been thoroughly explored.