Data for process transformation workshop

Discover how your data can transform the way your organisation operates

Our interactive workshop session will help you understand the practical actions you can take right now to improve healthcare outcomes using the data currently at your disposal blended with your teams’ know-how.

We aim to show you how your organisation can:

  • Get more from your existing data
  • Use in-house process knowledge
  • Deploy the latest business intelligence tools

Envisioning the bigger picture

You will discover how technologies can be used to help you systematically and repeatedly progress the outcomes that you deliver today and in the future.

The Data for Process Transformation workshop will help you understand how you can start to deliver safer and more effective care, today. We are offering free half-day workshops to help organisations use modern data analytics technologies to improve care outcomes.

Book your free workshop to discover how you can start today:

The Data for Process Transformation Service

Our Data for Process Transformation in the NHS Service blends the evidence from the data that you have currently with the experience of your clinical and operational staff. It creates a view of your care pathways based upon the evidence of your data and your teams’ practical experience. This allows us to help you to identify real world and hands-on opportunities to improve your care pathways.

Using cutting-edge tools we analyse your data, sometimes from unrecognised and surprising sources, to identify and measure waste and bottlenecks and quantify realistic ways for you to change what you do. The Data for Process Transformation in the NHS Service allows you to focus your resources where they will deliver better care outcomes; safer and more effective care.

Data for process transformation in the NHS

Data for process transformation in the NHS - datasheet
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