Power BI Customer Immersion Experience

Get started with Power BI

The Trustmarque Power BI Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a workshop to help you understand how to implement Microsoft Power BI successfully. We help you understand the scope of what is possible and make recommendations for your organisation.

It is the first step in simplifying complex requirements and matching your needs to the best technology, training and organisational choices. We will explore how you can use different data sources, securely use it, how to deliver a powerful service and efficiently license what you use.

We explore your current situation:

  • Current data sources, storage and reporting
  • The size and skills of your teams
  • Requirements, aspirations and desired outcomes including expected return on investment

We will demonstrate:

  • Real world examples relevant to your organisation
  • How to make use of the data you already collect in its existing state
  • World class analytics using Microsoft Power BI, including predictive analytics and SPC
  • How Microsoft Machine learning, AI and the Cortana analytics suites can be used to enhance your clinical and operational decision making
  • How to move resources from reporting the past to actionable live reporting and predicting the future
  • Automated routine reporting to build a single version of the truth
  • Migrating sensitive data to the cloud
  • Managing dashboards and services to reduce workloads on internal teams

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