Windows 10 Discovery workshop

Discover your Windows 10 Discovery workshop

This Windows 10 Discovery workshop session will help you find out what your organisation needs to consider and do before it moves to Windows 10. You will be shown what features Windows 10 has and how they will enhance your organisation’s IT capabilities and cyber security posture.

What you can expect from the session

The session follows the below agenda but will be tailored to your organisations’ position.

  • Seeing the big picture – Digital transformation a global movement
  • The Modern Workplace
    • Mobility
    • Productivity
    • Collaboration
    • Connect, Share and Grow
  • Why Windows 10
    • Roadmap
    • Feature summaries
  • The road to compliance – considering GDPR from a technology perspective and how Microsoft’s software solutions can help:
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Threat Prevention
    • Data Protection
    • Security Management
  • Modern Enterprise Desktop Management
    • SCCM/Intune/Autopilot/Pulse DMS
  • What are your next steps

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Preparing for Windows 10

Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 is a necessity for all organisations, yet there’s still a reluctance to migrate due to cost and past experiences of previous version upgrades. A lot of time and resource was wasted through incorrect assessments of adoption readiness.

Trustmarque has developed our Windows 10 Readiness Assessment to remove the guesswork from the preparation process for Windows 10 deployment. It provides an in-depth understanding of your current desktop environment and application portfolio to ease your transition to Windows 10.

Learn more about Microsoft Software End of Support:

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