Acutest Testing and Assurance Services

Accelerate and safeguard your IT programmes and change projects.

Our full range of Testing and Assurance Services will keep your critical projects in check. No matter where you are in your programme timeline.

We will help you to overcome any barriers and increase the pace, precision, and impact of your digital change and transformation. You can introduce automation into your testing and assurance to remove repetitive manual tasks. Or use our testing expertise to enhance your resource capabilities or fill any gaps within your team’s availability or knowledge.

Wherever you are in your testing journey, Acutest has tried and trusted services you can count on.

Project Rescue

Get your IT projects back on course

Our express testing and assurance services will quickly put you back in control of your IT programmes and projects.

You will be able to increase the speed of your testing, reduce testing costs and gain complete visibility and control of your path to ‘go live’.

IT Testing Services

Ensure all your projects are evaluated, complete and fit-for-purpose at every stage.

Are unexpected or recurring defects and faults delaying the delivery your IT projects, programmes, products, and services?

Our IT Testing Services support you in testing; software, hardware, business process, organisational transformation and other IT based changes.

Testing Assurance Services

Be reassured your IT testing is the best it can be.

You can improve your testing and assurance practices by removing any inefficiencies and ineffective testing with our Testing Assurance Services. Transforming your existing testing arrangements will avoid cost overruns and allows you to better manage your resource allocation and ensures you comply with any regulatory obligations.

Non-Functional Testing

Ensuring your software performs as it was designed to.

Non-functional testing ensures the areas that support your system’s functional aspects perform as they are designed to. Our experts will identify your most key areas to focus on, so you gain a full view of all your non-functional testing requirements.

Neglecting non-functional testing can become a costly oversight that quickly leads to production outages, loss of business, user inefficiency, and security breaches.

Automation Testing Services

Remove repetitive tasks and speed up your IT testing.

Automating your IT testing environment will increase your test coverage and remove time consuming repetitive tasks. Acutest Automation Testing Services will help you to boost the pace of delivery, identify defects earlier, and reduce rework and overall costs.

Testing and Assurance Resource

There for you in testing times.

For times when your organisation needs a little more support, you can count on Acutest. Our highly skilled testing and assurance specialists collaborate with your team to enhance existing project resources.

Our team will quickly deliver reliable, qualified expertise to fill any short-term gaps or function as part of a planned project resource.

Remove the barriers to success with testing you can count on

We remove the barriers to technology-enabled change by offering strategic support and best-in-class testing performance that ensures your change projects are where they need to be. Tested, improved, assured and delivered by the testing and quality assurance experts.

Together we shape your goals, improve your testing capabilities and confidence, and help you to achieve project success.

Bullet-proof your change governance

Bullet-proof your change governance

Ensure your go to market solutions are fully planned, visible, tested and fit-for-purpose at every stage.

Accelerate innovation in your business

Accelerate innovation in your business

Speed up testing, prioritise coverage and reduce resources to quicken the pace of change and project completion.

Reduce project deployment costs

Reduce project deployment costs

By shortening the timeline and finding risks sooner, we streamline delivery to reduce the total cost of your projects.

Who we work with

We are tried, tested and trusted by organisations across the UK and Europe. Our customers represent most of the key sectors and come from every size of business, from start-ups through to blue chip multinational organisations.

Acutest in action – browse some of our customer success stories

Fast Finish

Get your projects back on track with Project Rescue

Hurtling towards a deadline and worried that your project may fall at the last hurdle? Our Project Rescue service helps steer projects back on track and back on budget. Together, we’ll streamline your plan with laser focus to ensure you meet the tightest delivery timeframes.

Migrate to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud with confidence through Cloud Testing and Assurance

Migrating to the cloud is complex and demands a huge shift in both your infrastructure and ways of working. Our Cloud Testing service removes the complexity to optimise your assurance and testing of cloud and hybrid-cloud products and services. We’ll make sure you reach the cloud with confidence.

The Acutest Approach

For almost 20 years, our skilled testing consultants have helped customers with their transformational projects using the Acutest approach. We follow an outcomes-based methodology, shaped by our customer-centric principles and practices, that offers value for money and best-in-class testing performance.

Reasons to choose Acutest

The Testing Experts

The Testing experts

Acutest is synonymous with quality, expertise and innovation.

Over 20 years, 100s of customers from all sectors and sizes, have trusted us to deliver 1000s of successful projects. Our team of experts draw on the latest tools and methodologies to accelerate your testing and project completion.

Unique Principles and Practices

Unique Principles and Practices

We have a defined way of working that shapes everything we do, how we interact and how we measure success.

Our customer-centric and fail fast approach identifies the biggest or most imminent risks and blockers. We prioritise testing where you need it most to deliver all-round quality control.

Acutest Academy

Acutest Academy

Our graduate and employee training programme ensures all employees are skilled to the highest standards.

Our employees bring the latest industry best practice at all times, complemented by their rich experience in the world of testing.

About Acutest

Since its launch in 2002, Acutest has grown as a market-leading testing consultancy business specialising in testing software, business processes and IT. In April 2021, Acutest joined Trustmarque, adding to our unrivalled strengths across the IT lifecycle as your digital transformation partner.

The Acutest aims remain true to its heritage: allowing customers to focus on core business activities, while we take care of testing and drive technology-enabled change faster.

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