Data Warehouse for the NHS

Bedrock Data Warehouse
Real-time data you can plan on, act on, count on

Through under-investment, combined with old infrastructure and ageing patched solutions, many NHS Trusts struggle to get the breadth and depth, and quality of information they need to plan and transform care delivery. We know that in the NHS, accessing the data you need to make the best decisions can be a challenge.

It’s now time to deliver the right data, to the right people at the right time and improve outcomes in the NHS

It’s time to change your data warehouse

Bedrock Data Warehousing hosted on Microsoft Azure and delivered by Trustmarque puts your teams in control, enabling them to provide the right reports to the right people at the right time with the right data in real-time.

Inefficient and ineffective access to data and practices can be a real challenge for the NHS. Many NHS Trusts struggle with laborious reporting processes that are complex, fragile, and resource-intensive processes. This makes data a barrier rather than an insightful resource to improve a wide range of processes such as waiting lists, patient pathways and alerting clinical support.

Sands of time

Minimise time wasted on low value tasks

Improve planning and transform care delivery

Reduce patient and operational waiting times

Access a single view of disparate datasets

With the tools to automate and improve your data flows (up to 10 times faster), you can free up analysts to deliver richer insights and better focus on care transformation.

Bedrock Data Warehousing enables greater change

  • Free up your valuable NHS analysts so you can directly support improved care in your Integrated Care Systems
  • Improve prevention through anticipatory care
  • Enable research and innovation
  • Accelerate the adoption of effective, evidence-based service innovations
  • Automated reports and processes
  • Reduce failures through highly accurate data
  • Improve speed and quality of service
  • Move to a hybrid or full cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure

“I have to say I am very impressed with the lack of involvement needed with the product. I’ve not had to do anything, it just works. And it works fantastically well. That’s the biggest compliment I can pay and certainly a Godsend from my point of view”

Isaac Chapman, Data Warehouse Lead at Kingston Hospital

Bedrock Data Warehouse hosted on Microsoft Azure

Build a reliable data foundation for your all Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and gain:

Better outcomes for your ICS

Benefits of cloud-based data warehousing will bring:

  • A connection to all your data, in one place
  • Seamless and secure data collaboration across your ICS
  • Remote access to monitoring and reporting
  • Secure data warehousing
  • Scalable to incorporate all new data sources
  • An end to lengthy information searching
  • Reports and alerts on the move
  • NHS compliant data platform that connects to key applications

A solution you can count on

Teams like yours are using Bedrock to:

  • Replace out-of-date solutions in as little as 8 to 16 weeks
  • Leverage the latest big data practices
  • Integrate data from all major EPRs and other hospital systems
  • Predict resource availability, risks to patients and much more
  • Share insights using the NHS Logical Data Model
  • Automatically update NHS Digital and ONS reference files
  • Quickly integrate new data sources
  • Increase accuracy of reporting

Why Trustmarque for Bedrock Data Warehousing and Microsoft Azure?

For 35 years Trustmarque has worked with the NHS to help teams unlock the benefits of technology. We understand the intricacies and the unique challenges the healthcare sector faces, that’s why we are a trusted partner to more than 60% of NHS Trusts.

Trustmarque has partnered with Bedrock Data Warehouse for more than 10 years. They serve the needs of multiple types of NHS organisations including Acute, Mental Health, Community and CSUs. Bedrock Data Warehouse has been designed and built by NHS and data warehousing experts. With over 14 years of NHS experience and 19 years of data warehousing experience, Bedrock is an extremely efficient solution to the ever-expanding needs of NHS organisations.

We have a strong long-standing relationship with Microsoft and are recognized with seven Microsoft Advanced Specialisations and 14 gold partner accreditations. Our experienced Data and Analytics team and Azure specialists have years of experience working with Microsoft solutions and are fully certified. We provide our NHS customers with the Microsoft cloud expertise and guidance they need to build solutions that solve complex problems and improve patient care.

Take action on your data challenges

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