Data Warehousing for the NHS

Use modern analytics to stay in control and deliver more reliable and accurate reporting for the NHS at a lower cost.  

NHS data must be reliable, accurate and evidence-backed. Yet efficient and effective reporting can be a real challenge for the NHS. Many NHS Trusts struggle with laborious reporting processes that are complex, fragile, and resource-intensive processes. Bedrock on Azure delivers the reporting needed and leaves you in control of a data warehouse the modernised analytics of Azure.

Working with Bedrock Data Warehouse and Trustmarque you can transform your data reporting and processes using Microsoft Azure Synapse, Data Lake and Analysis Services, or SQL Servers.

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The Bedrock solution is a comprehensive NHS focused Data Warehouse and Analytics platform that delivers:

Regulatory and statutory reports

Commissioner data and returns and the board pack

KPIs and operational reports to desktop or mobile with multichannel alerts

Finance reporting on a daily basis

Budget modelling


We’ve helped Trusts save costs and resource by:

  • Automating processes

  • Reducing time checking and applying updates by 70%

  • Lowering headcount from 23 to 4 by managing processes better

Introducing Bedrock

Bedrock Data Warehouse offers a customisable, off-the-shelf tool that maintains an NHS Digital compliant data warehouse at a fraction of the cost of many older systems. It leaves you in complete control and allows you to meet the business needs quickly and effectively.

Designed to simplify the management of a data warehouse, this high-performance application makes processes and reporting faster and more reliable. Large updates can run in minutes and the data is always available 24/7.

When implemented on Microsoft Azure, Bedrock also delivers fully modernised PaaS analytics.

Supporting acute, mental health and community reporting, Bedrock Data Warehouse ensures your reporting is on time and more accurate than ever. You stay in control and can update finance daily or even more frequently, negating the need to wait until month end to check budgets or other KPIs. You can also update operational figures in minutes to provide real time analysis of beds, A&E or any other data.

By using NHS England Rules combined with your local rules, you can quickly deliver CDS files, SUS, SLAM data and manage your data quality with ease, freeing up time and resources from your informatics, operations and finance teams.

Advanced scalability and functionality with Microsoft Azure Synapse using Data Lake and Analysis Services offers you tried and tested functions of Bedrock with the ability to use the most modern advanced analytics to help you transform how you support Healthcare.

Bedrock Data Warehousing benefits all areas

Benefits for Finance

  • Monitor tariffs daily against plan on your phone or desktop
  • Flexible forecasting to test rules and agreements
  • Manage charge allocation in near real time
  • Improve planning with early indicators and automated budgeting
  • Detailed data for every level including patient, clinician and department

Benefits for Informatics

  • Reduce costs and risks in producing statutory and commissioner returns
  • Automatic and immediate KPI reporting to mobile or desktop
  • Manage data quality for accurate SUS
  • Faster ad hoc analysis with always-on reporting 24×7
  • Simplify and improve RTT production
  • Better analytics and quality of reporting data
  • Improve informatics efficiency by 75% to deliver more analysis and less housekeeping

Benefits for Performance and Planning/Operations

  • Access CDS and SUS files
  • Create Aggregate Contract Monitoring (ACM)
  • Produce interactive board packs as often as needed
  • Access live bed state and A&E breaches data
  • Streamline waiting list optimisation
  • Fast and low resource RTT pathways management
  • Improved and automated data quality

The solution comprises an on-site or cloud-based data warehouse solution that can be fully implemented in a matter of months. It has specialist high performance data ingestion with data stored and presented in the format you need for your tools. Processing to deliver the transformations is governed by hierarchical rules starting with the NHS England core rule set.

As a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS), Bedrock Data Warehouse is available in modular units, which can be used as a complete end-to-end solution or integrated with an existing system.

How it works

Bedrock Data Warehouse automates all regular reporting activities for an NHS Trust by:

  • Combining your local rules and national rules
  • Effectively managing income, databases and resource
  • Delivering ad-hoc and commissioner reporting quickly and effectively
  • Keeping all NHS Digital rules updated, incorporating them existing rules and over-rides
  • Making data used by operational teams is immediately available
  • Providing low cost, high speed, self-service analytics
Data Warehousing for the NHS


Discover more in our infographic:

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Data Warehousing for the NHS


Read how Bedrock Data Warehouse works:

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Why Trustmarque and Bedrock?

Bedrock Data Warehousing has been designed and built by NHS and data warehousing experts. With over 12 years of NHS experience and 17 years of data warehouse experience, Bedrock Data Warehousing is an extremely efficient solution to address the real issues of resources and complexity for NHS organisations. Its in-house team of NHS and data warehouse specialists has vast experience of delivering data warehouse services for NHS Trusts, ranging from rural community and mental health trusts as well as some of the largest and most complex acute trusts across the UK.

Trustmarque is one of the largest and most consistent suppliers of IT software and services to the NHS for over 30 years. Combined with our in-depth technology and Microsoft Azure skills, assets and experience, together we can support your finance, informatics and operational teams to be as efficient as possible.