Charity facilitates global connectivity with Office 365

Business Drivers

A large charitable trust required more effective collaboration between employees and their wider community of thousands of individuals and partners.

A secure and controlled environment for communication and information sharing was needed and they wanted to move away from an uncontrolled third party cloud services. Team collaboration was also an important factor to bring internal and external communities closer together.

They saw the value in moving to a Cloud infrastructure to unlock long term reductions in management and in-house infrastructure costs.


As a trusted advisor and partner to the customer for many years prior to the initiative, Trustmarque was able to leverage a deeper knowledge of the organisation to help them develop a two-year road map for moving services to Office 365 and developing an effective business team collaboration solution.

The trust required a flexible approach that took advantage of opportunities to deliver effective teams solutions as the opportunities arose whilst remaining on track with the core programme.

Trustmarque used a core project team that build strong relationships with key stakeholders. This enabled us to appreciate the organisations culture and values ensuring consideration for the rate of change users could successfully adopt was considered. As required other Trustmarque specialists were brought in to deliver discrete projects or bolster delivery capacity.

Our delivery consultants worked hand in hand with the trust’s IT specialists to not only ensure proper knowledge transfer of systems and solutions but also demonstrating a true trusted partner commitment to a success full outcome.

The customer is a large charitable trust based in England. Due to the sensitive nature of their business, we are unable to provide their name.

“The trust required a partner that could understand the culture of the organisation, understand the need to improve services and help shape and deliver on its cloud strategy.

Trustmarque was able to offer a flexible and successful approach which augmenting the trust’s IT teams.

Trustmarque continue supply value add services building on the success of the original programme over a year after its completion.”

Public sector case study

Looking to move to Office 365?


The trust now have secure platform that facilitates collaboration with partners around the world.

A hybrid SharePoint 2016 and Online deployment uses the transformative elements and latest Microsoft productivity features whilst maintaining a tightly controlled and managed on premise environment for business critical information.

Multiple custom business solutions have been identified and deployed in the last three years as the benefits of Office 365 have become apparent to business teams and the cycle of continuous improvement continues at the trust.

The trust has a productivity platform that can take advantage of the flexibility offered by the Microsoft cloud to be built upon and adapted to meet the organisation’s future needs.

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