A successful and speedy SharePoint 2016 Migration

The Challenge

Twinings had been successfully using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for more than seven years and wanted to undertake a SharePoint 2016 migration. After evaluating the options, they decided to stay on premise – in keeping with their current infrastructure. Twinings found themselves in a position where they needed to take an alternative approach in order to meet the project scope and cost. Twinings therefore took decisive action, defining a new project approach as well as finding a new partner who could “rapidly mobilise with minimum delay.”

For Twinings, being able to mobilise quickly was key. After consulting with all key stakeholders, Twinings decided they would lead and manage the migration project, taking on risk for delivery and budget, and bring in a trusted partner to work with them.

The Solution

Trustmarque provided expert migration resource who quickly embedded themselves within the team to support and guide the existing project delivery group at Twinings. This collaborative approach worked extremely well and Twinings believe it was the combination of detailed in-house knowledge balanced with Trustmarque’s technical expertise that resulted in a successful project delivery.

Twinings explain: “It was a pleasure to see the energy given by all individuals. We were starting in a place we weren’t expecting but it was very positive. Trustmarque did not come in and say they were doing this TO us, but came on the journey with us and were generous in sharing their knowledge. There was no sense of them and us, we were all supporting one another.”

Twinings also saw a number of additional benefits in working with Trustmarque including supporting Twinings approach to deliver the project internally. Its internal migration team has also vastly improved its knowledge of SharePoint, which can now be shared with other areas of the business.

Twinings Case Study

What is Twinings’ advice to others looking to embark on a SharePoint migration project?

The project was managed by an experienced Twinings project manager in an agile way. According to Twinings, a key factor contributing to the success of the project, and working with Trustmarque came down to a combination of flexibility, collaboration and honesty. Twinings continue: “There were times we disagreed, but we would be honest and discuss it as a forum and work through it. It was refreshing that a company didn’t just come in and say yes to everything we asked for. If we were making bad choices, we were informed. Likewise, the Trustmarque consultants were humble enough to take onboard challenges and ideas from our team.”

Why Trustmarque was selected as a partner?

At the core of the decision was flexibility and expertise. Trustmarque’s SharePoint consultants (part of a substantial inhouse Professional Services team) ensured they enhanced rather than dictated the migration plan, remaining agile in their thinking and responsive to Twinings’ needs. Twinings explain: “We went to Trustmarque as they were able to flex to our project approach. It’s testament to Trustmarque that they saw credence in the plan we created even though it wasn’t the standard type of project they would deliver.”

Twinings was particularly impressed with Trustmarque’s willingness to utilise tools that they had already invested in, ensuring a cost-effective approach. “The team embraced our tools and learned how to use them within a matter of weeks, which was impressive. When things have not gone well over the years we have respected the fact we have an open and honest relationship with Trustmarque allowing us to provide constructive feedback. Trustmarque has always listened and has responded in a positive way to address any of our concerns,” they commented.

Trustmarque has also provided Twinings with Managed IT Services for a number of years and has built a successful relationship.

Benefits of SharePoint 2016

The migration to SharePoint Server 2016 has delivered a number of benefits to Twinings, including:

  • Implementation of ‘Cloud Ready’ code, removing all on-premise dependencies
  • A more user-friendly environment for users compared to 2010, which was clunky and outdated
  • Renewed energy in the platform and exploration into how it can enhance productivity
  • Provided a stepping stone to using additional Office365 tools

About Twinings

Twinings is a commercial tea company with offices in more than 15 countries across 5 continents and manufacturing sites in 7 countries. Twinings is the world’s second largest producer of tea, responsible for serving millions of cups daily and employing almost 2,500 people worldwide.

About Trustmarque

Trustmarque operates one of the leading SharePoint practices in the UK and has been delivering SharePoint based business solutions since the launch of SharePoint back in 2001. As a Microsoft Gold Partner for SharePoint, Trustmarque has aligned to Microsoft’s cloud strategy and brought together the traditional collaboration, messaging and communications consultancies into a single, unified Business Productivity practice. This includes Microsoft MVP qualified individuals representing prominent leadership in the SharePoint and Office 365 user communities.

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