ConnectIT LIVE 2.0 - Thursday 05 November

Trustmarque | N365 – Creating a truly joined up NHS

Lee Walton – Modern Workplace Practice Director

This session dives deeper into N365, the NHS agreement gives greater access to Microsoft 365 tools and guarantees significant cost savings. Lee talks through how it is designed to strengthen cybersecurity, boost productivity, and improve collaboration across healthcare services.

N365 Creating a truly joined up NHS

Fortinet – Keeping a Remote Workforce Secure

Patrick Grillo – Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

When most organisations decided to transition to a remote workforce at the beginning of the pandemic, it was difficult to imagine that 6 months later remote working would still be the norm. Considering the uncertainty ahead, this session will look back on the key principles of enabling and securing a remote workforce and look at how emerging SASE services can be leveraged.
Keeping a remote workforce secure

Microsoft | Streamlining and Strengthening Security with Microsoft

Nick Lines – Senior Product Marketing Manager for Security

Due to the pandemic, 58% of organisations have increased spend on security, and 82% feel the pressure to lower overall security costs. Attackers are taking advantage of the disruption to drive new intrusion attempts, all while the digital estate that an organisation needs to protect has changed markedly. How do you get back control, and use security as an enabler for this new way of work? With built in experiences, intelligence and automation, and integration that better protect your organisation and reduce the administrative burden of your security stack. We’ll explore the state of security and how Trustmarque can help you simplify and strengthen your security with Microsoft.

Streamlining and strengthening security with Microsoft

Trustmarque | M365 Back it up, Back it up!

Dan Beck – Data Protection Specialist

In light of recent events, like Trustmarque, many organisations are seeing a vast increase in remote and home working, creating a reliance on Office 365 applications for collaborative working. Securing and protecting this data is now more critical than ever. During this session we will show you how to enhance your O365 and remote worker data protection.

Enhanced Office 365 Protection

Trustmarque | Unboxing Cloudmarque a new framework for cloud operations

Nathan Kitchen – Head of Online Innovation

With a dizzying array of cloud services and ever more ways to deploy and integrate them, it can be difficult to know where to start. Trustmarque have consolidated our technology best practice and tools into a new initiative we call Cloudmarque. Join us for this session where we introduce and launch the framework, explain what’s “in the box”, and follow up with a live Q&A.

Unboxing Cloudmarque a new framework for cloud operations

Fortinet | Changing Dynamics in a changing world

Steve Mulhearn – Director Fabric Solutions UKI & DACH

Now that the “New Normal” has become the “Now Normal”, organizations should re-examine how they are supporting their remote workforce and whether or not the technology choices that they made more than 6 months ago are still appropriate for today and the foreseeable future. We will look at the specific impact and potential benefits resulting from a convergence of Networking and Security technologies into a single offering.

Changing Dynamics in a Changing World