ConnectIT LIVE 2.0 - Wednesday 04 November

VMware | Foundation First, Building your Hybrid Cloud Platform for ALL Applications

Lee Dilworth – Chief Technologist Cloud Platform

In this session, we will focus on how VMware is helping their customers with the challenges they face and decisions they must take as they transition to a new platform for the applications of today and tomorrow. We will discover the importance of a ubiquitous hybrid cloud platform design that can grow as your needs grow both on and off premises whilst providing the required levels of operational stability, resiliency, and agility for the applications depending upon it.

foundation first, building your hybrid cloud platform for ALL applications

Trustmarque| Unleash the power of your devices with Trustmarque DaaS

Cymon Skinner – Trustmarque Customer Success Manager

In this presentation, Cymon explains how remote and flexible working has been accelerated. Traditional desks and silos have made way for collaborative workspaces. As the shift of workplace demands, combined with the exponential rate at which new technology becomes obsolete, is driving demand for technologies ‘as a service’. Our Device as a Service mitigates the costs and risks associated with refreshing a fleet of personal hardware devices. Cymon shows the benefits of available packages of the latest devices with a variety of software, accessories and services.

Unleash the power of your devices with DaaS

Citrix | Sustainability can start with IT

Stephen Twynam – Lead System Engineer

IT and IT leaders have their part to play in delivering a more sustainable future. In this session we will look at how ICT impacts sustainability and how we can make changes that will be beneficial for all, People, Planet and Profit.

Sustainability can start with IT

Nutanix | The Nine Layers of Desktop Hell

Neal Evans – Business Development Manager, Cloud & Automation, UK Partners and Alliances

The situation in Enterprise IT is two-fold: infrastructure continues to sprawl, and the pace of development is accelerating. Proactively supporting and securing these business trends is being complicated by technical debt, siloed teams, and flat budgets. Until these challenges are addressed strategically, I.T. can be seen as inhibiting innovation and even governance.

The nine layers of desktop hell

Trustmarque | Staying productive while working remotely with Microsoft Teams

James Brennan – Business Productivity Consultant

Covid-19 has required us all to change the way we work and adapt to a new normal, however, we are still required to be as productive as possible whilst overcoming new challenges of long term remote working. In this session we will be discussing how we can use Microsoft Teams and its various features and capabilities to help ensure that all employees can maximise their productivity whilst working remotely.

Staying productive while working remotely with Microsoft Teams