ConnectIT LIVE - Thursday

Trustmarque | VDI for Healthcare – A New Normal

Reuben Carrdus – Client Director & Adrian Woolmore – Director for Health Solutions

The development of VDI solutions using the public cloud and peoples’ own devices has been developed to manage a crisis, but has it really demonstrated that it should be a new normal, and change the face of GP IT forever.

VDI for Primary Care - A new normal

BedRock & Trustmarque Data – Practical value today delivers the wide world of advanced data tomorrow

Ammy Singh – Head of Solutions & Dick Wall – Healthcare BI Solutions Architect

Is it possible to overcome the pitfalls that beset the day to day and yet to drive the wider changes? Using practical and pragmatic tools to deliver real change in months and to help the business really understand and address those pitfalls to how data can drive practical change in performance and outcomes.

Delivering Returns from Big Data Projects

Forcepoint & Trustmarque | What security challenges do the Public Sector face? Keeping up with the fast-changing face of network security

Dave Barnett – Director of Edge protection EMEA & James Holton – Cyber Security lead

Whether you are a SASE pro or just learning about the subject this webinar will be for you, it is a focused discussion on how Gartner’s SASE is being implemented in the real world. The session will provide an overview of how Gartner sees the development of Edge or Network security over the coming years, including a discussion on how adopting the core principals of SASE can add value to you right now.

What security challenges do the public sector face?

Trustmarque | Amazing Power BI Hacks everyone should know

Paul Brady – Principal Consultant, Data & Applications

Most people think it is “Just for drawing graphs” and I aim to change this perception by showing some of the functionality that exists in the Power BI universe for end users, report developers and those conducting an enterprise deployment in a large organisation. I will be giving an overview of the product and live demos of existing and recently introduced features. This is all based on Trustmarque’s experience guiding large enterprise organisations through the adoption of Power BI.

Amazing Power BI Hacks everyone should know

Proofpoint | How Public Sector Organisations Can Strengthen Their Email Security With DMARC

Neil Hammet – Email Fraud Defence Solution Director

Public sector organisations are a keen target for cybercriminals and will cost you time and money and often do irreparable harm to your reputation and brand. It’s now a vital time to strengthen your email security and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) is your solution. During this session you will discover:

  • The latest trends and techniques that cybercriminals use to perpetrate email fraud
  • How DMARC prevents email fraud
  • A quick, safe method to easily implement DMARC authentication at your organisation
Protecting against Business Email Compromise

Dell Technologies | Data Harvesting at the Edge – the trend towards edge computing where data is generated

Mark Elliott – EMEA Theatre Lead, Modern Data Centre CTO

As organisations adopt a continual approach to digital transformation driven by the need to deliver new products and services, and more recently driven by external factors, we see a move to agile and powerful edge solutions placed where data is generated. This move is assisted by increased networking capabilities and ubiquitous personal edge devices. This discussion revolves round changing compute models enabled by networking capabilities and the arrival of Edge Platforms. It’s these distributed models that’ll effectively deliver real-time data services that’ll drive innovation through continual transformation.

Harvesting Data Value