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Trustmarque Store

Trustmarque Store

Purchase all of your organisation’s computer equipment using your Trustmarque account.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Get cyber smart – protect your organisation and your users by raising your security posture.

Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft Licensing

Unlock the value from your OVS-ES, Campus Agreements and CSP licensing, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Public, private and hybrid cloud design and build optimisation.

Digital Safeguarding Solutions

Digital Safeguarding Solutions

Smoothwall empower schools, colleges, and MATs to digitally safeguard their students.

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

Leverage the latest technology and connected devices to empower learning.

Accelerate your digital transformation

How Trustmarque can accelerate your digital transformation

At Trustmarque, we have dedicated specialist teams who are there to support you and are always available to provide consultative advice on any IT requirements you have, from software licensing requests to challenge digital transformation projects.

Our teams will work closely with you to deliver dynamic and cost-effective solutions which are specifically designed to fulfil your ICT curriculum.

  • Software – operating systems, licencing, Microsoft 365
  • Hardware – servers and storage
  • Protection – backup and DR, endpoint, firewalls, mobile, testing
  • User devices – desktop and laptop computers, tablets, high specification devices
  • Networks – routers, switching, cabling, local area network infrastructures
  • Consultancy – cloud and datacentre, cyber security, automation
  • Safeguarding – web filtering and monitoring

Our Education technology partners

“Whether on software licensing or hardware procurement, we get the guidance and support we need from Trustmarque every time. A recent example is traversing licensing requirements with Microsoft. Even though software licensing can be incredibly complex, I have every confidence that Trustmarque will help us to get there and deliver the end result.”

Allen Bagnall, Head of IT at ParentPay

Cyber Security for the Education Sector

All education organisations have been urged to review their existing cyber security provisioning and take the necessary steps to protect their networks from attacks. Cyber criminals are capitalising on the pandemic as students are using a greater number of devices to access their learning, but we can help protect your organisation. Find out more and book a Cyber Security Workshop to uncover your risks and improve your security posture.

Backup for the Education Sector

Recent cyber-attacks appear to be taking advantage of system weaknesses such as unpatched software or poor authentication, which will severely affect the ability to operate and deliver services. Safeguarding your data through a comprehensive backup ensures that all education providers are protected against the effects of a possible cyber-attack or ransomware infection.

Case study: University of Winchester stays on point with their cybersecurity

Since the pandemic, universities have faced ongoing attacks from cybercriminals who mistakenly see these institutions as ‘a soft touch’. Not only are they increasingly seen as sources of valuable personal information, but attackers also know that disruptions are hugely damaging to a university’s reputation. The attackers aim to swiftly take down telephone systems, student databases, and library resources for days, if not weeks, stalling students’ progress. Attackers are under the impression that this makes them prime targets for attacks and ransomware.

“The work with Trustmarque and LogPoint opened our eyes to what could and should be monitored. My advice would be don’t be selective in what you monitor. Monitor everything, even things like chip and PIN machines on your network need to be accounted for, not just computers in the library.”

Nigel Walters, Senior Systems Specialist, University of Winchester

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