Trustmarque recently held its first 2020 Healthcare Roundtable bringing together key stakeholders for a day of discussion and debate in transformative healthcare at Dell Technologies headquarters in London.

The event, which was aimed at an audience of highly experienced innovators and lead clinicians, created a platform for collaboration and open dialogue on digital transformation in health. As well as stimulating debate, the roundtable has paved the way for an ongoing partnership between Trustmarque and NHSX, the new group responsible for accelerating the digitisation of health and care across all NHS trusts and ALBs in the UK.

Trustmarque’s Healthcare Account Manager Zoe Dronfield, who organised the roundtable, commented: “The landscape is changing rapidly and there can be a huge disparity between what different trusts are doing. We know there are pockets of excellence out there and our ambition is to help bring that to the table so that Trusts and NHS execs working in a similar area of digital transformation can network and share best practice.”

Among those who attended were senior leaders from NHSX, College of North West London, Imperial College Hospital, Berkshire Health and University College London Hospitals. Some of Trustmarque’s key vendor partners including Dell Technologies and Proofpoint also attended to deliver brainstorming sessions on key topics.

Key NHS Roundtable discussion points

Healthcare Roundtable topics

Brainstorming the key topics in health and care digitisation

The theme for the day was ‘Best Practice in Digital Transformation and Delivery’, which included brainstorming and discussions on the following themes:

The NHSX vision – NHSX delivered a presentation on its purpose and vision. They provided an insight into the policy context and the new NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework set out recently by Secretary of State Matt Hancock. This raised questions from attendees who were curious to drill into why the new standards were needed and what they seek to achieve.

The four pillars of transformation – Dell Technologies delivered a session addressing the drivers of change and revealed Dell’s focus on Health ICT,Transformation is aligned to four key pillars of transformation:  IT infrastructure transformation, precision medicine transformation, connected healthcare transformation and security transformation.

People centric security – Proofpoint spoke about the need for people centric security measures in an age where cyber-attacks target people and not just technology. They talked about a holistic approach to defense which includes threat protection, user protection, ecosystem protection, information protection and compliance measures. 

The importance of culture – Trustmarque’s Principal Consultant for Data and Analytics in Health, Paul Brady, ran a Q&A on technology and adoption. He touched on how we can better create an organisational culture that enables technological innovation.

Why nurses are crucial in shaping the strategy – while transformation has largely been the focus on CIOs and Clinical Leads, a Chief Clinical Nursing Information Officer was present and raised the point that nurses need to be included more in the design and implementation as they are the ones regularly using the technology

Key takeaways and next steps

‘The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.’ William Gibson, The Economist, December 4, 2003

Attendees agreed that the biggest barrier to change is not the technology, which is already out there and relatively accessible, but it is culture that is blocking transformation.

Paul Brady, Principal Consultant for Data and Analytics in Health at Trustmarque, commented: “All the things you could dream of are here – from AI and robotic process automation to machine learning – they are just not being used outside pockets of innovation.

“Trustmarque’s role, as testament to the roundtable, is to bring all that innovation together and enable all customers to transform. We understand the technology, we have the visibility of who is doing what within the sector and we have access to the right partners to engage at a peer-to-peer level.”

“Thanks to Trustmarque and Zoe Dronfield to invite me to their breakfast workshop on transformation of healthcare enabled by digital approaches. Fascinating insight from NHSx on their mission and standards which rested a very interesting discussion.” Feedback from Gerry Bolger, Independent Clinical Advisor, via LinkedIn.

Attendees valued the opportunity to take part and praised the “fascinating” content. Writing on LinkedIn after the event, Gerry Bolger, an Independent Clinical Advisor, commented: “Thanks to Trustmarque and Zoe Dronfield to invite me to their breakfast workshop on transformation of healthcare enabled by digital approaches. Fascinating insight from NHSX on their mission and standards which rested a very interesting discussion.”

Partnership between Trustmarque and NHSX

Following the success of the roundtable, Trustmarque and NHSX has forged an official partnership and will be working together on future events and outreach programmes with the NHS.

Zoe Dronfield commented: “I am delighted to work more closely with NHSX moving forward. Trustmarque has a long-standing history of working with the healthcare sector and we are well versed in the challenges and opportunities our customers are facing. We can add real value to the NHSX digitisation project, bringing not only our unique expertise in health and technology but also representing the needs of our customers and partners.”


The next NHS Roundtable is being planned to take place in the spring. If you would like to take part, please use the contact us button below.

You can also contact us for further information on how we can support your digitisation in health and care.

By Katherine Murphy, content enthusiast