We recently brought together Public Sector organisations from the North East of England who wanted to learn more about how their services could be improved through embracing the Microsoft cloud. We hosted the day in conjunction with Microsoft and SiteKit. The day was successful in providing the delegates with an overview of how available technology can help meet the digital expectations of their citizen users and staff. It has led to some of the attendees to actively seek further information on how their organisation can develop with Microsoft Azure.


The Agenda and Presenters


Why Cloud is Core to the Public Sector Future

Stephen Dayson (Microsoft)

The power of the Cloud is changing the way organisation’s approach new developments and transforming existing capabilities. In this session, Microsoft focused on three areas that can help the Public Sector meet their challenges, these are Big Data and Analytics, Cyber Security and Cloud. Stephen also spoke about CitizenBot. This is an artificial intelligent agent from Microsoft Services designed to support citizens in accessing local government services.


Citizen Identity Accelerator

Nathan Kitchen (Trustmarque) & Wilf Prasher & Chris Eckl (SiteKit)

Customer self-service has a lot of practical benefits for both the end user and the organisation. Here we looked at why the Public Sector organisations should build their own “online portfolio” and the practical components and solutions available to implement this with real-world examples from SiteKit.


The adventures of Coventry City Council with Azure & Office 365

Paul Ward (Coventry City Council)

Coventry City Council has been working with cloud computing since 2014 to improve services, modernise infrastructure while making more of their budget. Paul talked about how his organisation implemented the Microsoft cloud and the things they learnt from their experiences.


Azure Foundations and support

Richard Willmott & Paul Grimley (Microsoft)

Richard spoke on the support available to those that want to move their organisation to cloud. This would include a technical business review, proof of concept support, fast track and more.

Paul went into further depth about how Azure Foundations works, the benefits and the commitment needed to be successful.


Discovering better outcomes from your Data

Dick Wall & Mike Sheridan (Trustmarque)

Data, Big Data, Machine Learning are terms that are constantly being talked about. But they can sometimes seem distant and not something available to the Public Sector. Dick and Mike are Trustmarque’s resident Business Intelligence and Analytics authorities. They explained, using examples from our customer base, how using existing data and technology can create efficiencies and bring about change to patients and end users.

What’s next?

Understanding what is involved can’t be articulated fully in an hour or so. Understanding what your organisation’s current position is and establishing where you want to take it are the next logical steps. Trustmarque can help you achieve this by providing expert advice or undertaking exploratory investigations on your behalf.