December 10, 2021

Health Service of the future: Introducing Dell’s Unstructured Data solution

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Health Service of the future: Introducing Dell’s Unstructured Data solution

From electronic health records to the practice of precision medicine, technology has fundamentally changed the way we practice patient care.

Advancements in technology have enabled healthcare and life science professionals to leap forward in the way they deliver patient care. From quickly pulling up patient health records to sequencing genomes and digitising pathology slides, technology is driving progress forward.

One of the most powerful components of medical advancement is data, comprising of health records, medical imaging, genome sequences, as well as analytical data being sent from the edge, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and wearables.

Information gathered from data is one of the greatest resources a health institution can hold. The challenge is, the majority of data is being generated outside the data center or cloud, and it is increasing in volume, variety and velocity at an explosive rate. In fact, data workloads are set to treble between 2021 and 2026.

Watch the briefing: Introducing Dell’s Unstructured Data solution 

In this video briefing with Greg Hewitson (Senior Partner Sales Specialist, Unstructured Data Solutions) we cover:

  • Why Trustmarque is the digital transformation partner of choice for the health sector?
  • What is Dell PowerScale for Unstructured Data?
  • Why do Healthcare industries need it?
  • What are the trends today with customers protecting their data?
  • What are the current requirements for Digital preservation and access to records?

This bitesize briefing is introduced by James Tong, Healthcare Team Manager, Trustmarque.

Build the health service of the future

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