October 4, 2021

October is ConnectIT month! Here’s our round up of what not to miss

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October is ConnectIT month! Here’s our round-up of what not to miss

 It’s October so that means ConnectIT (Tuesday 19 until Friday 22 October) is just around the corner – are you ready for IT? This year we are bringing you four full days of energising and innovative content from our partner network alongside our Trustmarque experts.

Innovate, Automate, Accelerate IT – You won’t regret IT!

We’d hate you to be late to the party, so here’s our round-up of what not to miss at ConnectIT 2021, if you’re quick you might be able to secure our last few remaining spaces.

What you need to know about Kubernetes backup

As cloud-native adoption continues to explode, Kubernetes has become the fastest-growing infrastructure platform, well on track to be the next enterprise platform of choice. In this session, Michael Cade from Kasten by Veeam, we will cover seven critical considerations for Kubernetes-native backup and show their importance in implementing a cloud-native backup strategy that will protect your business-critical data in a developer-focused platform.

He will also delve into the pitfalls of trying to retrofit legacy backup architectures into a cloud-native ecosystem but, more importantly, focus on the benefits of deploying a truly cloud-native backup solution.

Session: Wednesday 20 October, 11:00–11:45: 7 Key considerations for Kubernetes backup

Bridging the transformation gap with Veritas

As cloud adoption accelerates, managing and protecting data at-scale grows increasingly complex. This is leading to a transformation gap—a widening disconnect between the demands placed on IT and their ability to keep pace. In this session, Veritas will cover how our approach to an Enterprise Data Services Platform supports data management for hybrid and multi-cloud

Session: Wednesday 20 October, 13:00–13:45: Data Management for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Modernize and transform your operational experience with Azure

Hyperconverged infrastructure has gone from being an unconventional software-defined concept to a must-have infrastructure solution that has worked its way into every IT team’s wish list in recent years.

Azure is hybrid by design. Modernize your infrastructure, consolidate your virtualized workloads and gain Azure capability and consistency with the new Azure Stack HCI. Hear from Lisa Clark (EMEA Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Strategist – Dell Technologies) about how this exciting new offering in conjunction with Dell technologies #1 HCI expertise will help to accelerate your Azure Hybrid Journey.

Session: Thursday 21 October, 15:00–15:45: Realise your Azure Hybrid dreams with Azure Stack HCI and Dell Technologies

Stamp out man-in-the-middle attacks with Droplet’s secure bubble

We welcomed Droplet to Trustmarque’s partner network earlier this year and we are delighted to have Droplet COO Barry Daniels at this year’s ConnectIT to showcase their Never Trust model.

As organisations like yours continue to invest in modernising server infrastructure and move into cloud-native environments, Droplet Server Containers can secure legacy Windows NT, 2003, 2008, and 2012 operating systems. By locking a bubble of security around the operating system that is only accessible by client-side container with encryption, Droplet can ward off man-in-the-middle attacks.

Session: Friday 22 October, 14:00–14:45: Droplet Computing’s Never Trust Model for Legacy and Modern Applications

Planet-conscious sustainable datacentre and storage solutions

Software architecture is changing, while the demand for computer resources is threatening to outpace the availability of energy and space available, not to mention carbon reduction initiatives many companies now have.

Bamboo Systems are designed for modern software architecture – their cutting edge ‘PANDA’ delivers up to 75% less energy consumption vs standard architecture. Coupled with VAST Data’s managed storage software, which unlocks the value of data and gets datacentres AI-ready, these two solutions can end decades of complexity and application bottlenecks, whilst also protecting the planet.

Session: Friday 22 October, 11:00–12:30: Delivering the next-generation data centre with Vast and Bamboo


Q&A with the experts

Throughout ConnectIT LIVE you have the chance to engage with the experts and ask your burning questions via live Q&A. Interactive discussions will be led by the leaders in the industry to help shape your 2022 goals and objectives. You can also discuss any of the content and updates with a member of the Trustmarque team after ConnectIT.

  • Day 2 ConnectIT Michael Cade Kasten by Veeam
  • Day 2 ConnectIT Richard Hobkirk, Veritas
  • Day 3 ConnectIT Lisa Clark at Dell
  • Day 4 ConnectIT Andy and Jeff Vast Bamboo (1)
  • Day 4 ConnectIT Barry Daniels Droplet (1)

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