Shared Responsibilities for Cloud Computing

Security for Microsoft Azure is a key requirement for many organisations moving to public cloud. To protect your Azure deployments, Sophos offers both Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos Server Protection, which together synchronize network and endpoint security against today’s most advanced threats to protect your Azure environment.

Synchronize Your Defences

Synchronized Security enables your defences to be as coordinated as the advanced attacks they protect against. Sophos XG Firewall and Server Protection communicate and synchronize with each other, creating a security solution that actively blocks advanced threats. Unlike point products that only stop individual elements of an attack, Synchronized Security correlates network traffic with the activities of Virtual Machines (VMs) in Microsoft Azure to thwart multiple prongs of attack, often without administrator intervention.

Sophos XG on Azure

Sophos XG Firewall is a next-generation firewall you can select and launch from within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. XG Firewall deploys as an all-in-one solution that combines advanced networking, protections such as Intrusion Prevention (IPS), and web application firewalling (WAF), as well as user and application controls. XG Firewall is designed to help you protect your Azure-based workloads against advanced threats.

Sophos Network Security Control Center

All in One

Sophos XG Firewall integrates multiple best-of-breed security technologies into a single solution. This frees up the time it would take you to deploy and integrate multiple products from different vendors.

Instant Visibility

XG Firewall includes extensive on-box reporting. XG provides full insights into user and network activity, surfaced using easy-to-understand indicators so you can take preventive measures before problems occur.

Deploy in Minutes

XG Firewall is available as a preconfigured virtual machine within the Azure Marketplace. You can use Azure Resource Manager templates to speed deployment or customize the configuration to meet the specific needs of your environment.

Centralized Policy Management

XG Firewall provides a unified policy model that allows you to manage, view, filter, sort, and apply all of your user, application, and network policies from a single console.

Secure VMs in Azure

Since you are responsible for the protection of your applications in your Microsoft Azure environment, Sophos offers next-generation protection for Azure-deployed VMs. Sophos Server Protection provides a comprehensive set of protections with consistent security management regardless of how or where your workload is deployed – in Azure, VMs in your data centre, or hybrid environments.

Ransomware and Malicious Traffic

Next-generation capabilities provide effective protection for business critical info and applications on servers.

Enable Synchronized Security

Share threat, health, and security intelligence by linking Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos Server Protection.

Ensure Only Trusted Executables

Server Lockdown whitelists the applications that you want, and does not allow those you do not want to run on each server.

Easy, Flexible Deployment

Enable server-specific policies for groups of servers in less time and effort, with consistent management across cloud or hybrid environments

Video: Security for Microsoft Azure

Our Microsoft Azure Solutions experts explain why and how a cloud assessment could benefit your organisation and how we can provide Security for Microsoft Azure.