With SophosLabs predicting 2018 will see a surge in ransomware fuelled by Ransomware as a Service and amplified by the resurgence of worms; along with on-going Windows threats, fuelled by do-it-yourself exploit kits that make it easy to target Microsoft Office vulnerabilities – blocking data-stealing attacks before they hit your network is a top priority for 2018.

 “57% of data breaches are due to hackers or malware”

Public sector organisations, including schools, hospitals and councils are perceived as easy pickings for criminals, as they are often ill-equipped to spot signs of cyber fraud.

No organisation is exempt:

With todays’ increasingly sophisticated and aggressive malware attacks, having a multi-layered security setup that can stop attacks at every level of your network is essential.

How to get started

Government organisations need to look at security solutions that protect all network devices by stopping these attacks at the perimeter, before they get to your devices.

Adopting email solutions that automatically block suspect emails or encrypt sensitive emails with attachments (such as word documents and PDFs) will ensure that your data is always protected, and suspect emails are stopped before they reach your users’ inboxes.

Secure your data in a couple of clicks

Whether it’s data loss prevention, ransomware protection or cloud security, Sophos’ sophisticated and intelligent security solutions can cost effectively and quickly protect you against attacks. As a Sophos Platinum partner, Trustmarque helps government organisations adopt unrivalled data protection solutions that keep data and devices secure from today’s complex, sophisticated attacks, become more compliant with the GDPR and ultimately reduces the risk of a fine. In just a matter of minutes.

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This blog is the second of our 3-part series:  3 ways Sophos protects you against Cyber Attacks and helps with GDPR readiness.