The Challenges of Public Sector Datacentre means their IT teams are facing a new set of obstacles while burdened with old technology.

As expectations for mobility rises, along with a growing user base, diverse platforms, increasing citizen demands and a multitude of applications, every Public Sector organisation needs a modern IT infrastructure that’s powerful enough to keep up with rapid expansion, while flexible enough to adapt to changes in the future.

Yet there are several challenges: 44% of NHS Trusts are in deficit and local councils in England have seen an average cut to their budgets of almost 26% since 2010.

Combined with these budget constraints, Public Sector organisations are typically challenged with resourcing costs, legacy technology and a siloed infrastructure, placing additional pressure on how to meet the demands of the digital economy.

It’s time for a new approach

To meet the ever-increasing demand for faster innovation, IT leaders will know that the data centre is at the heart of this new approach. A modern data centre gives you the agility and scalability you need to support innovation and growth while driving down both Capex and Opex costs.

The key is to build a data centre that supports the demands of your organisation, with the ability to run modern and mission critical applications, manage sensitive, personal data and integrate with the public cloud. There are several paths to choose: You can progress toward a modernised data centre by deploying all three tiers of the infrastructure stack as part of an integrated platform. Or you can take an evolutionary approach, and virtualise the compute, storage, and network layers independently over time.

Whichever path you take to modern infrastructure, it can help your organisation achieve speed, agility, and cost savings—without sacrificing quality or security.

Download the Trustmarque and VMware whitepaper which discusses the challenges faced by Public Sector organisations and comprehensive ways to progress toward a modernised data centre.

Download the whitepaper:

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