This recent addition to Trustmarque will allow us to now offer organisations, of all sizes and sectors, a wide range of network and connectivity solutions.

We are delighted to announce that from now on, the Trustmarque Enterprise Connectivity team will provide networking and infrastructure solutions to transform workplaces into secure and flexible environments, enabling virtual teams with improved productivity and reduced costs. The Enterprise Connectivity team have been providing network and connectivity solutions for some of the biggest, most complex and secure environments in the UK.

The team support 70,000 telephony users across the UK and 10,000 users enabled for Microsoft Teams direct routing. More recently they have supported NHS South Tees Foundation Trust with their Internet of Things technology, pin-pointing the precise location of equipment in hospital wards. These locations are logged in one centralised datapoint using Aruba’s integrated Access Point BLE sensors in conjunction with the Aruba Meridian platform.

On top of this partnership, for over twenty years, the team has been working with world-leading partners including Cisco to deliver thousands of customer solutions. Their Cisco Gold Partner status will give our customers unprecedented access to the latest solution updates.

Why Enterprise Connectivity are joining Trustmarque

Rick Ure, Head of Sales at Enterprise Communications, is looking forward to the new opportunities at being aligned with Trustmarque: “This is a very exciting move for the digital connectivity team to move to a new home where the synergies of the combined business portfolios coupled with increased agility and speed to business solution are clear. The ability to quickly pass those benefits to our customers is going to open transformational opportunities to keep pace with the continuing demands of the evolution of the digital era.”

“The segmented, siloed approach to technology is a thing of the past and helping our clients recognise where the overlap between technologies exists and how to maximise the resulting business advantage is going to be a key differentiator in all vertical sectors and from start-up emerging market businesses to large enterprise organisations.”

Rick Ure, Head of Sales at Unified Communications

“Trustmarque has a proven track record for excellence, and we are looking forward to adding our capabilities to what is now a very strong portfolio of products and services.”

Ben Richardson, Managing Director of Trustmarque says: “The integration of Capita’s Enterprise Connectivity team into Trustmarque gives us a unique opportunity to support customers in enhancing their connectivity architecture. Their impressive and long-lasting Cisco partnership will grant our customers access to solutions at the forefront of connectivity innovation.”

Ben adds, “Now more than ever it is crucial that our customers can respond quickly and seamlessly to changing business needs, and I am pleased that we can now help them to join the dots in their connectivity innovation projects.”

Ben Richardson, Managing Director of Trustmarque

“With over 20 years’ experience, we’re confident that in welcoming the team we can harness a secure connectivity strategy for our existing and future customers.”

Future-ready enterprise connectivity

Our newly acquired team of trusted collaboration experts will guide our customers through a tailored strategy to help users onboard and perform at their best. They work alongside some of the most innovative collaborative tools and technology solution providers allowing us to offer unrivalled flexibility and agility. Whatever your organisation’s long-term goals are, whether it be implementing Microsoft Office 365, meetings and more, Trustmarque is here to get the wheels in motion.

On top of a full suite of capability across networking and security stack we can now offer Trustmarque customers more advanced offerings including:

  • Software defined networking

We will support your goals for cloud adoption, reduce your connectivity costs, transform location development, enhance your data speeds, and help you meet your current and future connectivity strategies.

  • Internet of Things

With an array of market leading IoT applications we can make your organisation more agile, resilient, and responsive to changing conditions. It is estimated that there will be 152,200 IoT devices connected every minute by 2025 (source: IDC).

  • Collaboration solutions

To help you improve productivity and customer experience, our collaboration tools can help you to identify, deploy and adopt the next generation of collaboration tools and reduce costs.

Trustmarque’s Enterprise Connectivity solutions

We now provide the network communications base you need to enable your future growth, so you can react quickly and seamlessly to ever-changing business needs.

Existing customers can talk to their Trustmarque Account Manager or book an exploration call to find out how Trustmarque’s new Enterprise Connectivity solutions can help with your needs. We will support you on the path to building the connectivity which is essential for a digitally connected organisation.

By Julia Bluckert, content with content