As the number of mobile devices in circulation, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets continues to rise, this has also lead to a dramatic increase in the number of devices being lost, stolen or infiltrated. In 2017, 7 out of 10 organisations reported that their endpoint security risk increased significantly over the past year.¹ Each one of these incidents could potentially translate to a huge loss of sensitive data for organisations and even business failure.

Companies need to ensure all the data on these mobile devices is secure, in such a way that if the device ever falls into the wrong hands, the data will be protected. At the same time, other entry points, such as networks, applications, the cloud and data centre servers need to be locked down from hackers too.

An endpoint security solution locks down all areas of vulnerability, to secure your business from the outside in. It keeps the good guys in, and the bad guys out.

The need for Endpoint Security

The number of security threats continues to grow each year, and in 2017 alone the number of recorded cyber-attacks increased by an overwhelming 164%, compared to 2016.²

As BYOD explodes, employees now use mobile devices and home computers to connect to company networks in order to work. A centralised security solution no longer provides the protection for today’s ever-shifting and undefinable security perimeter. Endpoint security allows organisations greater control over the ever-growing number of access points in order to block and contain threats.

Why you should adopt an Endpoint Security solution

Endpoint security goes beyond controlling user access, but also allows for the monitoring and blocking of malicious activities. Here are 5 great reasons why you need an endpoint security solution for your network now:

  1. Cyber-attack Prevention – prevent cyber-attacks and block malware at point-of-entry, detect the latest threats and access dynamic analysis of suspicious threats.
  2. Continuous Monitoring and Recording – identify malicious behaviour and record all file activity so you can view a security breach from the very beginning of its life cycle.
  3. Rapid Response Time – continuously watch and correlate data, file activity and communications across all your endpoints, for a rapid response to any suspected security threat.
  4. Simple and Automated Responses – reduce the complexity of your security investigation by easily searching across all endpoints for indications of any compromise, allowing you to simply connect the dots.
  5. Integrated Threat Defense – easily integrates to work with your other security technologies to close security gaps and detect threats across your entire network.

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