An introduction to Microsoft Power Platform and BizApps with real-world use cases by Trustmarque customers

The Power Platform promises ways to turbocharge your digital transformation like never before. But beyond the buzzwords and the hype, what is it and how can it help your business to accelerate?

Whether you’re new to Power Platform or you’d like to know more about how it works in real life, we’ve pulled together some practical examples of everyday use cases. Diving into some recent projects within Trustmarque’s customer base, we hope you will discover some simple ways that Power Platform can be used to unleash the power of your people, data, processes, and applications.   You can also find more information on the new Trustmarque Biz Apps webpage.

It’s time to take your digital transformation to the next level.

First up, what is Power Platform?

At its core, Power Platform is a suite of low-code and no-code digital automation tools that allow you to transform and modernise your business processes, applications and data intelligence to improve business performance. There are four main components to Power Platform:

  • Power Apps – customised apps to any device
  • Power Automate – automated processes and workflows
  • Power Virtual Agents – no-code chatbots
  • PowerBI – real-time business insights

Power Platform overview

“The role of Power Platform is about a quick turnaround of solving key business challenges,” says Seb Burrell, Trustmarque’s Power Platform and BizApps Lead. “And key to that is being able to do it in a way that is accessible and available remotely with secure, enterprise-level tech that is modern and evergreen. It is easy for customers to maintain and understand.”

The low-code and off-the shelf functionality make it an accessible option for lean and agile teams enabling the role of the citizen developer and making room for innovation from the ground up. Employees have the power to create business solutions at the speed needed, rather than waiting for bespoke and costly application development. It is quite literally giving power to your IT people.

“Power Platform can seriously drive and accelerate your digital vision. It’s a game-changer for business transformation.”

While elements of Power Platform like Power BI, have been around for quite some time. It is only now that these tools are aligning and coming together that we are really seeing the true potential of the platform.

Seb says: “Power Platform has become a huge area of focus for Microsoft because it enables customers to get the most out of their existing Microsoft 365 and Dynamics investments.  There have been a lot of fast and sharp developments over the last few years and now Power Platform can seriously drive and accelerate your digital vision. It’s a game-changer for business transformation.”

What can Power Platform do for my business?

We understand the blockers standing in the way of true transformation. Through our BizApps consultancy, we’re helping organisations to gain the full value of the Microsoft Power Platform and business applications. We’re ensuring our customers can overcome the challenges of inefficient processes, poor data utilisation, and legacy systems. To get ahead, faster.

Here are a few examples of recent projects:

Power Apps – creating a custom app to track gifts and hospitality compliance

A large entertainment organisation approached us to help build an application for staff members to declare gifts and hospitality. They needed to track what team members were receiving to stay legally compliant. With Power App, we developed a mobile app to record the full disclosure, providing managers with full visibility and the ability to ensure compliance.

We’re now enhancing that solution by adding the ability to track employees’ gambling licenses, a legal requirement for all employees working on the casino floor. The app provides info on who has a license, the expiration data and has the ability to set reminders.

For more information – view the Power Apps datasheet

Power Automate – developing a fully automated HR starters and leavers process

A large acute healthcare Trust in England was struggling with manual, paper-based HR processes for starters and leavers. They were wasting time and money in overpayments and also had no clear ownership. Using Power Automate and SharePoint Lists, we were able to create a fully automated online solution.

Our customer contact, Senior Project Manager for Digital Transformation, said the automation has helped to improve budgeting, visibility and accountability. They commented: “With the automation we have a dashboard of the whole process. We can see when a person hands in their notice, when HR is notified and when the person leaves. We can see where the issues or the bottlenecks are.”

For more information – view the Power Automate datasheet or read the full customer case study.

Power Virtual Agents – a responsive chatbot for GPs

One of our healthcare customers was due to introduce a new insurance scheme for GPs, which they knew would result in lot of queries about the changes.

Drawing on the AI capabilities in Power Virtual Agent, we created a highly customised chatbot that could answer key questions around the new insurance scheme. From direct responses to common questions, to signposting to alternative information and contacts, the solution allowed GPs to self-serve. This reduced calls to the support team, saving them time and allowing them to focus on more complex issues.

For more information – view the Power Virtual Agents datasheet

Power BI – enabling a secure, centralised view of children’s services in local Government

A local Government customer needed access to operational data and KPIs on children’s services for looked after children. With information held in multiple systems it was very time consuming to create a coherent overview of the service, the providers and individual children.

Power BI has provided operational staff with a central place to view the personally identifiable data that is relevant to their team, while also providing a service wide view of relevant operational data. It also gives the Director of children’s services a single information source for regulatory inspections like OFSTED and CQC. Trusted partners can also view subsets of the data, which is shared securely via the Power BI Cloud Service.

For more information – view the Power BI datasheet

Make the first move on your Power Platform journey

We know that many customers are at the early stages of Power Platform, starting to build the foundations for innovation and transformation.

Talk to our team to find out how Trustmarque BizApps consultancy could help you to unlock the potential of Power Platform, taking your digital transformation to the next level.

By Katherine Murphy, content enthusiast