Frances Keers

Frances Keers

Microsoft Operations Manager

Date Joined: January 2014

Tell me about your career at Trustmarque

I started straight out of university on a temporary contract as a Sales Support Administrator. After a year, I moved to the then Alliances team as a Renewals Co-ordinator and later became a Microsoft Co-ordinator. I was promoted to Microsoft Operations Specialist in December 2017 where I managed enterprise agreements and high-value deals. In July 2019, I became Microsoft Operations Manager, managing a team of five people.

How was it making the move from Sales to Operations and how did Trustmarque support you?

One of the great things about Trustmarque is that there is so many directions to go in. They give you the opportunity to find the path you like, the scope to identify your strengths and the support to get there.

I had a four-month transition period into the role and was supported a lot during that time. I had a lot of guidance from my manager and have been coached regularly to become a leader with this progression route in mind.

What does the current role involve and what do you like about it?

I oversee all Microsoft related operations across the business: purchasing, setting agreements, customer after care. I also manage a Microsoft customer excellence team who deliver value-added service to customers.

The thing I like most is having a positive impact on the business; seeing something isn’t working and fixing it. That is particularly relevant as a manager. I listen to my staff and try to address their concerns or challenges. It’s what gets me out of bed – coming in and listening, making a change and then getting feedback on how it has helped my team. Even the smallest process change can have a big impact.

Why do you like working for Trustmarque?

I believe in the industry. I believe in what we are doing. When you hear the case studies it really makes it worthwhile. Sometimes Ops can seem quite removed and mostly focused on day-to-day process However, seeing customer success stories reminds me why Trustmarque’s vision is so important.

Also, my team is fantastic. I like seeing them working and developing. All the teams at Trustmarque are strong and we have a good team atmosphere – no cut-throat competitiveness.

Any other thoughts on the culture?

Trustmarque is very flexible when I have needed it. I find them considerate and empathetic of your actual life. I have never been told to put my life on hold for work. It’s a great place for work-life balance. It is not an overly formal and corporate setting  and there isn’t that bravado – everyone is treat the same.

What three words would you use to describe Trustmarque?

Supportive. Friendly. Progressive.