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Forcepoint is the leading user and data protection cybersecurity company, entrusted to safeguard organisations’ most critical data and IP, while driving digital transformation and growth. Rather than offering a static one-size fits all approach that can stifle innovation and creates vulnerabilities, Forcepoint is familiar to how people interact with data, providing secure access while enabling employees to create value.

Their behaviour-based solutions adapt to risk in real-time and are delivered via a converged security platform to protect network users and cloud access, prevent confidential data from leaving the corporate network, and eliminate breaches caused by insiders.

Using Forcepoint

You can:

Dramatically reduced exposure to data breaches through automated security controls

Industry-leading security risk management for hybrid cloud environments

Trusted strategic security partner at scale

And implement:

Dynamic Data Protection

Delivers risk-adaptive, unified data and intellectual property protection for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises.

Dynamic User Protection

Provides rich visibility into user activity to quickly identify and mitigate risky behaviours from compromised users.

Dynamic Edge Protection

Enables cost-effective network protection against advanced threats, while securing remote users with zero-trust direct-2-cloud connectivity.

Trustmarque and Forcepoint

Forcepoint and Trustmarque have partnered for over five years. and our commitment and understanding have seen us gain Platinum Partner status, the highest status possible within the partner community.

The Platinum status reflects our ability to demonstrate technical proficiency across the portfolio. Behind the scenes, we have access to the Forcepoint University, test kit, and product development groups. Exclusively our platinum partners also receive invitations to beta testing and product update events.

In return, Trustmarque can escalate support tickets through their allocated Partner Account Managers with the aim of resolving issues quickly.

The relationship is overseen at the highest levels of both organisations ensuring the partnership is built on solid core values, whilst delivering the best possible service to the customer.

Featured solutions

Forcepoint Dynamic User Protection

Proactively detect high-risk behaviours and compromised access in organisations, large or small

Dynamic User Protection (DUP) is cloud-based user activity monitoring solution that uses Indicators of Behaviour (IOBs) — a context-rich monitoring approach that analyses user activities — to mitigate risk at the earliest point of detection.

  • Gain meaningful visibility into user interactions with critical data
  • Implement a Zero Trust model with continuous user validation
  • Detect risk “left of loss” with comprehensive risk scoring
  • Investigate risk from insiders with efficiency and ease

Forcepoint Advantage

The Forcepoint Advantage Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) will simplify the way you manage cybersecurity licenses. What’s more, not only will it stretch your budget, you won’t be financially penalised if your user base grows or shrinks. This one agreement delivers streamlined software delivery and support to your entire organisation.


  • Eliminate the need to forecast license counts.
  • Include exactly the capabilities needed to solve important problems.
  • Remove time from software purchases.

Forcepoint Game Plan

Episode 1- SASE

Episode 2- Private Access

Episode 3- Cloud Security gateway

Episode 4- Dynamic User Protection

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