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Forescout uses an agentless approach and large third-party integrations to give you strong visibility and remediation to remove any cyber security vulnerabilities. You can quickly mitigate the impact of cyberattacks, comply with regulations and industry standards, and maximise your investments.

With these solutions, you can continuously discover, classify and govern your IT, IoT, mobile IoT and operational technology (OT) devices connected to your networks.

Forescout. A Trustmarque cyber security partner.

Trustmarque and Forescout

Enterprise size organisations have complex IT environments which comprise of a diverse network equipment and security point solutions. In addition, IT teams can be stretched, overloaded or under skilled.

This is when Trustmarque’s expertise in Forescout technologies comes into play. We will identify the right objectives and challenges to implement a unified cybersecurity that align with your needs.

As a silver partner, Trustmarque has access to the Envision programme and certifications, designed for technical partners to learn and demonstrate the required skills.

Forescout’s three key cyber security areas

Risk and exposure management

Looking directly at your device network and IT equipment, Forescout discovers all non-traditional, non-agent and unmanaged devices. It assesses for device vulnerability and quantifies any exposure and remediation.

The solutions can be used to enrich your configuration management databases and orchestrate third party workflows, such as helpdesk, next-gen firewalls, vulnerability assessment tools and more.

Network Security

A policy based network access control (NAC) is at the core of Forescout platform. It examines devices, users and resources before granting, blocking or quarantining them.

It can be used as the foundation for ’zero trust’ policy by mapping the traffic, simulating behaviours and enforcing network segmentation.

Threat detection and response

Lack of internal resources and visibility of you attack surface can make it difficult to defend against or respond to cybersecurity attacks, including ransomware and advanced persistent threats.

Threat detection and response automates and accelerates your processes of detecting, investigating, hunting for, and responding to cyberattacks and advanced threats.

Forescout Timeline

Timeline is a cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that operates as a seamless extension of Forescout Continuum platform. It automatically ingests, enriches and normalises data from the Forescout core solution and stores it in a massively scalable data lake.

Timeline is designed for network and SecOps teams to better support compliance and threat detection and response efforts:

Compliance: Quickly produce detailed, accurate, historical proof of compliance of any single asset or groups of assets, with policies, from a specific time.

Incident investigation: Support incident investigations with detailed and accurate asset data.

Risk reduction: Proactively identify risks and gaps.

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