Developing essential technology and solutions to make the online world safer for young people 

Smoothwall is a leading digital safeguarding solutions provider to UK education. Over 10,000 schools, colleges, and multi-academy trusts (MATs) depend on Smoothwall technologies to keep their students safe and their education organisations compliant.

Smoothwall’s solutions can work alone or be used in conjunction with existing solutions to provide a complete online safety infrastructure that protects students, staff, and networks at every touchpoint.

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Pioneering technology

Pioneering technology

Smoothwall solutions are world-leading. They hold that accolade because Smoothwall listens to their customers and has an exciting roadmap of product development and continuous improvement.

education expertise

UK education expertise

No one knows more about digital safety technology in UK education than Smoothwall. Their solutions are not corporate products with an education slant. They have been engineered from the ground up with the sole purpose of keeping young people safe.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

In today’s climate, meeting the minimum statutory requirements does not protect a school, college, or MAT from digital risk. Smoothwall’s solutions deliver a complete online safety infrastructure that protects your whole school community.



Regulatory requirements change frequently, Smoothwall’s solutions exceed the current legislative requirements and guidelines set out by the Department of Education, UKSIC, Prevent Duty, and Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

Smoothwall’s resource hubs share a wealth of knowledge on all thing’s digital safety for DSLs and technical leaders alike, helping digital safety leaders mitigate the risks they may not see.

Trustmarque and Smoothwall

Smoothwall and Trustmarque share a common goal to help schools keep their students safe from online harm.

Trustmarque is a trusted Smoothwall gold partner with accredited Smoothwall training and expertise. We work in partnership to offer market-leading Smoothwall solutions that digitally safeguard young people in the world today.

Solutions to keep your students and staff safe

Smoothwall’s purpose is to empower schools, colleges, and MATs to digitally safeguard the students in their care. 1 in 3 schools uses Smoothwall solutions to help keep their students safe from online harm.

Smoothwall Monitor

This real-time digital monitoring solution offers 24/7/365 human moderated service. A highly trained team monitors your alerts and will notify you of risks appropriate to their grade, meaning you can concentrate on providing support to the pupils in your care.

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Smoothwall Monitor

Try Smoothwall Monitor free for 30 days 

Our award-winning Monitor Managed Service is now available FREE of CHARGE for 30 days. That’s 1 whole month to learn about it in your own environment receive the benefits and decide if it’s right for your school college or MAT.

Try Smoothwall Monitor FREE for 30 days
Smoothwall Filter

Smoothwall Filter

Achieve a safer digital learning environment with pioneering real-time, content-aware web filtering. 3 deployment options: Cloud | On-Premise | Hybrid

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Smoothwall Firewall

Smoothwall Firewall

Complete all-in-one protection package with all the features and benefits of our market-leading Smoothwall filter.

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Smoothwall Record Manager

Smoothwall Record Manager

Easily record child protection issues and safeguarding incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP files.

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The Complete Guide to:
Active and Proactive Monitoring

What is it? How do you implement it? Why does Ofsted require it?

Essential reading for: DSLs, Headteachers, Governors and anyone responsible for student safety in UK education.

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