Introducing Sophos

Cybersecurity is more complex than ever, with sophisticated attacks hitting organisations all over the world every day. UK-based Sophos offers sophisticated and intelligent security solutions can help protect you against those attacks, whether it’s data loss prevention, ransomware protection, or cloud security. Relied upon by more than 100 million users across 150 countries worldwide, this expansive range of defence against virus threats and data loss is backed by big data analytics gained from its global network of Threat Intelligence centres, SophosLabs.

Why Sophos & Trustmarque

Sophos has been pioneering the development of award-winning security products for over 30 years. With its “security made simple” proposition, it offers a broad range of protection solutions including Encryption, Endpoint, Web, Email, Mobile, and Network security. Sophos has a solution to every cybersecurity challenge and that’s why we recommend Sophos as an option to our customers.

We offer in-depth technical expertise across Sophos’s solutions, protecting all areas within your business, including data, servers, virtual machines, mobile devices, and endpoints to deliver comprehensive security solutions that really are secure.

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The evolution of endpoint security

One of the key trends and challenges throughout 2020 was a rise in ransomware as operators pioneered new ways to evade endpoint security products.

Budget restrictions are a common reason that organisations are not properly investing in cyber protection and, as a result, cybersecurity has often been left under-financed.

However, investing in a complete cybersecurity system is critical to combat the rise in ransomware. Investing in the best defence possible is the best way to mitigate against the costly impact of cybercrime.

Endpoint security is advancing to meet the threat. Sophos has developed a number of market-leading solutions, in direct response to key findings of the recent Threat Report and Ransomware Report. Watch the video to find out more.

Sophos 2022 Threat Report

Interrelated threats target an interdependent world

SophosLabs, the Sophos Managed Threat Response team, and the SophosAI data science group have released their 2022 Threat Report. The report represents the collective wisdom of the Sophos malware analysts, the machine and network forensics specialists, and machine learning experts. These core Sophos teams offer some analysis of the events that transpired in 2021, and how they believe they will help shape the threat landscape in 2022 and beyond.

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The Leader in Endpoint Security

  • Sophos Central, including Sophos Endpoint Protection, Intercept X Advanced with EDR, Server, and Sophos Mobile
  • A comprehensive suite of Endpoint Protection technology designed to reduce your risk of exposure to malicious threats and to prevent, detect, and stop them from running on an endpoint
  • Automated malware cleanup
  • A flexible cloud-based admin and reporting portal

If you already have an active Sophos Central account, you can start your Sophos Endpoint Protection trial from the Sophos Central Admin Console. Log in to Sophos Central, click Explore Products, and select Sophos Endpoint Protection.

Sophos Managed Threat Response

Take Action Against Threats

With Sophos MTR you have a highly trained team of threat hunters and response experts on your side who:

  • Proactively look for and validate potential threats and incidents
  • Determine the scope and severity of threats
  • Apply the appropriate business context for valid threats
  • Initiate actions to remotely disrupt, contain, and neutralise threats
  • Provide actionable advice for tackling the root cause of persistent incidents

Sophos Cloud Security Posture Management

Optimise cloud costs and improve security.

  • Asset and network traffic visibility for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Risk-based prioritisation of security issues with guided remediation
  • Optimize spend for multiple cloud services on a single screen
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City Health Care Partnership Video Case Study

Watch the City Healthcare Partnership video case study and learn how Sophos and Trustmarque can help with your security needs.

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