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Turbonomic was founded, in 2009, and delivers the only software that assures application performance in real-time and overtime.

Turbonomic serves over 3,300 customers – including thirty-three percent of the Fortune 500 in the US. Leveraging AIOps, they are driven by the belief that software should manage IT and users should never have to wait for an application to respond.

Why Turbonomic

Turn Data Into Resourcing Actions, Automate When You’re Ready

Turbonomic is the only solution to assure performance in the cloud. With a trustworthy AI-powered engine, Turbonomic uses multiple metrics and cloud constraints in its analysis. It generates safe actions that improve application performance and make application teams more productive. Actions you can fully automate out-of-the-box or integrate with your ITSM for approval workflows.

How It Works

Turning data into actions that continuously assure application performance.


Data is collected via APIs, completely agentless

It discovers resource data from your applications, platforms, and infrastructure that has already been exposed and sends that data to be processed by the software’s analytics engine.


Analytics process the data, the software makes decisions

Applications get exactly the resources they need it. Turbonomic manages and matches real-time application resources demand to the underlying infrastructure supply.


Actions are specific and automatable

The software continuously analyses application demand, and by understanding resource dependencies at every layer it identifies specific resources an application requires. It is not based on single-metric thresholds.


Actions are executed in real-time (or your time) via APIs

You have a choice of whether actions are performed in real-time, scheduled during preferred change windows, or integrated into existing workflows.

Trustmarque and Turbonomic

Our customers are transforming the way they manage application performance on their chosen cloud platforms.  Turbonomic’s solutions dovetail with Trustmarque’s services to deliver transformational cloud solutions that optimise and manage the compute, storage, and network resources.

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Application Resource Management

Turbonomic works through APIs to discover your environment. Leveraging data that is already being exposed from your applications and infrastructure, the real-time analytics engine generates resourcing actions, which you can execute when and how you want: automatically in real-time, manually (with a click), scheduled, or taken as part of approval or DevOps workflow.

  • The software makes resourcing decisions for you
  • Specific actions you can safely automate when ready
  • Supports cloud native, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud
  • Proven in the world’s largest, most complex environments

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