VMware Partners, Modernise Your Data Centre & Move To The Cloud

VMware, in partnership with Trustmarque can help overcome the challenges of data centre modernisation with a range of solutions. As technology continues to evolve, IT must adjust to changing needs. Between expectations for mobility, a growing user base, diverse platforms, increasing citizen demands and a multitude of applications, traditional infrastructure is no longer enough to manage everything and still stay on top. Moving to the cloud is becoming increasingly popular, but comes with it’s own challenges. That’s where VMware partners, Trustmarque, can help.

Moving To The Cloud

Moving to the cloud is an ideal solution for every Public Sector organisation, providing a modern IT infrastructure that’s powerful enough to keep up with rapid expansion, while flexible enough to adapt to changes in the future. Our latest whitepaper discusses the challenges faced by Public Sector organisations and comprehensive ways to progress toward a modernised Public Centre data centre. Speak with us to arrange a free online workshop and discover the positive impact that moving to the cloud may have on your organisation.

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How Trustmarque can help

Working with VMware partners Trustmarque, you have a company who is trusted and with a wealth of resources to tap into as you begin your cloud journey. VMware offers a rich set of solutions to help you modernize your datacentre whilst reducing costs, including solutions to enhance the infrastructure through best in class compute, storage and network virtualisation. Trustmarque typically sees that by deploying tools such as vRealize, Vvphere, and vSAN, customers can reclaim between 30-40% of compute and storage – which can be then reprovisioned for new projects.

Webinar: VMware Simplified

In this webinar, Seema discusses her roadmap entitled VMware Simplified with the intention of clearly and succinctly explaining the VMware strategy in 30 minutes or less. You will learn firstly, how VMware can support your business, secondly, how VMware can help you right now and finally, give you an insight into the solutions VMware are building for the future.

Why modernise your datacentre Trustmarque & VMware?

Image of pound sign to represent minimising costs

Reduced cost

Image of pound sign to represent minimising costs

Improve compliance

Image of desktop and mobile to represent increased productivity

Pay-as-you-go scalability

Image of desktop and mobile to represent increased productivity

Rapid deployment

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Simplify the move to the cloud

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Estate rationalisation

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Boost workforce mobility

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