Trustmarque helps the NEAS to develop a cost effective
licensing strategy

Business Drivers

Ultimately, the NEAS was looking to reduce costs whilst maintaining a high level of service and patient care. As such, the IT department was looking for innovative ways to reduce costs, whilst simultaneously implementing solutions that would add value to the NEAS. Indeed, changing business strategies within the NEAS meant that greater emphasis was starting to be placed on agile and mobile solutions which could reduce costs, increase efficiency, and – most importantly – provide the best patient care possible.

Trustmarque Solution

Trustmarque was brought in to help the NEAS develop a cost effective licensing strategy tailored to the technological and strategic needs of the business. The NEAS was especially keen to adopt a licensing strategy that was flexible and could be adapted as the needs of the business changed.

Using Trustmarque’s Commercial Benchmarking service, we carefully modelled all of the different combinations of licensing mechanisms for all the different technological solutions that the NEAS was considering. This allowed us to ensure that we arrived at the most cost effective solutionwhilst meeting all of the business’ needs. Indeed, using this process, underpinned by Snow Software’s market leading Software License Manager, we initially helped the NEAS save an average of 36% on software through the monitoring and redeployment of existing assets and licenses.

Once this was done, Trustmarque helped ensure that the decision regarding the NEAS’ Enterprise Agreement Licensing Renewal was flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the business over the next 3-6 years.

Furthermore, Trustmarque helped the NEAS pre-empt the impact associated with the changes to the Public Sector Microsoft arrangements by signing up to a 6 year licensing model that met their changing IT needs.


Why Snow License Manager

The combination of a range of licensing specialists from Trustmarque, and Snow Software’s substantial licensing resources meant that we were able to deliver a highly tailored and personal licensing solution to the NEAS. Since flexibility was crucial to the NEAS, we felt that in this instance a partnership with Snow would provide the best, most flexible, and most personalised solution solution.

The Benefits

By following Trustmarque’s recommendations, the NEAS was able to purchase various suitable Enterprise Agreements – both by signing new agreements and by renewing their existing agreements.

Ultimately, the NEAS was able to bring about significant cost savings, reduced risk, and ensure the optimisation of their technology in the future. This means that the NEAS can continue providing an excellent service to their patients both now and in the future, whilst saving money in the long run.

Moving Forward

Due to Trustmarque’s strong relationship with the NEAS, we are delighted to be continuing our work with them. We will continue support the NEAS with their infrastructure upgrade, from both a scoping and a training perspective.

About North East Ambulance Service

The North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (NEAS) provides a number of NHS services to the counties of Durham, Northumberland, and Tyne and Wear; as well as the boroughs of Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland, and Stockton-On-Tees.

The NEAS responds to over 360,000 emergency and urgent incidents each year, and uses the Patient Transport Service to provide patients with transport to outpatient appointments.

With over 2,000 staff, 500 vehicles, and nearly 10 million miles travelled per year, the NEAS is an essential service in the North East region.

“The team provided [by Trustmarque]were excellent. Costs were obviously a major player… but it was also about getting the right cost with the right flexibility. That’s what [Trustmarque’s] team was really good at understanding.”

Steven Pratt, IMT Systems Manager, NEAS

Why Trustmarque?

The NEAS has a previous, long-standing relationship with Trustmarque, which meant that Trustmarque was able to quickly
understand the business’ needs. This allowed us to come up with a solution that really was best for the NEAS.

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