Penetration Testing

Find your weak points before someone else does. Your cyber security strategy should include regular penetration tests to identify any vulnerabilities or deficiencies. Every situation can be tested, from wireless to network, web application to active directory.

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Our penetration testing services

It’s time to realise your resilience with Trustmarque. Not only will our testers find any weaknesses you may have, but we will also recommend how to address them. The result is a safe and secure future for you and your team with a fully documented findings report.

Penetration Testing Network Test
Network penetration test

Security assessment of internet-facing services, or internal network’s security posture.

Penetration Testing Web Application
Web application testing

Assess your web apps following the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 method.

Penetration Testing Red Team
Red team operations

Simulate the actions of real cyber attackers who might target you.

Penetration Testing Client Security
Client security operations

Test your employee’s workstation, desktop, or laptop, against security best practices.

Penetration Testing Server Build
Server build review

Highlight any configuration weaknesses that could be exploited by a malicious user.

Penetration Testing Firewall
Firewall security testing

Performed as an offline audit or from an authenticated management console session.

Penetration Testing Mobile App
Mobile app assessment

Testing mobile application and any server-side APIs the application uses.

Penetration Testing Mobile Device
Mobile device assessment

Provides a current security state of your devices.

Penetration Testing Souce Code
Source code review

Test your applications for weaknesses.

Penetration testing in the public sector

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We’ve always invested heavily in maintaining our cyber security measures. We owe it to our patients and staff to keep their personal records safe. Penetration testing allowed us to pinpoint exactly where we may be vulnerable, and how we can continue to protect the public interest.”
Head of IT Scottish NHS Organisation

Trusted by the best

Our penetration testing services are CREST, NCSC CHECK, and ISO 27001 certified. If your organisation requires PCI-DSS Security Testing, PSN Code of Connection Testing for Public Sector, or HSCN/N3 Testing for healthcare, our services meet those needs. We are also NPPV3 for Police Forces and Fire and Rescue Services.

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Why Trustmarque?

Simple – we are cyber experts, and a hacker’s worst nightmare. Established in 2003, our Cyber Security team delivers technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programmes and data from attack, damage or exploitation from unauthorised access.

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