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Your organisation’s cyber security requirements are different to any others and with a myriad of cyber security suppliers and solutions, knowing which ones you need to protect your IT environment can be overwhelming. This is where we can help.

Our in-house experts have years of experience working with organisations across all sectors and with long standing relationships with the leading Cyber Security providers making us the perfect partner to concentrate and consolidate your cyber security assets.

Talk to us today and see how we can help your organisation protect against cybercrime.

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Cyber Security

What do you need help with?

We need to test the strength of my organisation’s security controls

What options are available for Microsoft native security?

How can I protect my organisation from user error or malicious insider threats behaviours?

Is my Firewall solution performing correctly?

We have a shortage of in-house skills to manage our many different cyber security solutions effectively

How can I be sure my cloud infrastructure is protected correctly?

Where do you want to start?

Using our Explore, Find, Fix and Manage approach you can improve your security posture by identifying any gaps in your security strategy, assessing your current IT environment resilience, strengthen and improve your existing solutions, and better maintain and run your organisations cyber security.

Our Cyber Security Solutions

Microsoft security specialists

As a long-standing partner of Microsoft, we have a wealth of expertise and experience across the breadth of their products and solutions, including advising, implementing and deploying native Microsoft solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Microsoft Security Workshops

As a Microsoft partner, we offer customers who use Microsoft cloud technologies including Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft 365 access to fully funded security workshops, if they are eligible organisations.

Trustmarque’s Microsoft 365 Security Workshop is designed to show you the possibilities available to secure your Microsoft 365 estate using native and purpose-built cyber security solutions. One of our Trustmarque Microsoft cyber security experts will host the workshops and cover a range of areas across your IT estate to meet your cyber security requirements.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) built on Azure Sentinel

MDR detects, triages, alerts, and provides a proactive response, managed 24/7 on your behalf, and has a fully supported SOC provided by our partner Falanx. It investigates situations as they occur in real-time, enabling us to alert incidents, risks, and in some cases effectively remediate through endpoint Extended Detection and Response (XDR) proactive preventative measures and SOAR playbooks.

The MDR service combines the SIEM, EDR, and SOAR capabilities of Microsoft. It is designed to be especially beneficial to organisations with large Microsoft environments but also supports most other Security vendors across the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Why Trustmarque

We understand that for most organisations’ security today isn’t straightforward. Our experts will help you simplify the inherent complexity of cyber security and ensure that you find and implement the right solutions for you.

With over 20 years’ experience, we have built a well-established, award winning, customer focussed cyber security team. They know that our customers are at different points in their security evolution, and achieving your desired state isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Factors like digital transformation, increased volume and sophistication of attacks, compliance obligations and overall appetite for risk make your security challenges unique to you. Trustmarque’s portfolio of cyber solutions and strategic partner relationships mean we can deliver professional services, technology and 24×7 UK based managed services to meet every one of your organisation’s cyber security needs.

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