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How Trustmarque can accelerate your digital transformation

As a leading IT partner, with more than 30 years’ experience, we bring a breadth and depth of skills refined to evolve your business. Through smart digital transformation, we unlock innovation, reduce the burden on your teams and improve the customer experience to accelerate performance.

“I think without Trustmarque’s support there is a real probability we would have hugely overspent on Microsoft licensing. Having someone who knew the licensing world inside out and could help us manage budget across software and hardware was a real asset.”

Maitland Buchanan, Chief Engineer at Halo Post

Solutions to transform your business

Workplace transformation

Connect the modern workplace and drive collaboration, productivity and performance in agile teams, globally. From the latest software to modern devices, we’ve got IT covered.

  • Workforce Mobility
  • Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Volume Licensing
  • Modern Devices-as-a-Services (Microsoft, Apple, Dell and more)
  • Professional and Managed Services

Process transformation

Smart IT investments have the power to transform how you do business. We’ll ensure you leverage the latest intelligence and technology to streamline your operations.

  • PowerPlatform and Process Automation
  • Cloud Excellence
  • Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics
  • IT Asset Management

Infrastructure transformation

Manage the rapid growth of unstructured data from edge to core to cloud. Achieve efficiencies and scalability to meet any capacity, now and in the future.

  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Migration and Optimisation
  • Azure Managed Services
  • Back-up, DR and Data Protection
  • Cloud Excellence

Full defence security

Outsmart the attackers and protect your entire network and users. As the security threat evolves, we’ll keep you a step ahead of the game.

  • InTune Device Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Microsoft 365 Security
  • Firewall, Network and Perimeter and Protection
  • Cyber Awareness Training
  • Managed Services

Our unique approach

More than an IT partner, we’re an extension of your team

We’re proud to do things differently. We consult and collaborate at every stage of the journey to enable better outcomes unique to you.

Customer success stories

For more than 30 years we have helped corporate customers to improve their performance through smart, strategic IT.

Case Study header image

Delivering high speed Backup and Disaster Recovery to PML

Case Study header image

Consolidating license agreements for a national transport association

Remote working and the transition to the new normal

“Microsoft Teams has revolutionised the way we do business and we won’t be going back to the ways of working we had before. This has proven the ability to work remotely for all staff, not just the IT teams.”

Chris Lomas, Director of IT at Foundation Home Loans

The Trustmarque added value

Partner with us to unlock better outcomes now and in the future, so you can:

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Connect and mobilise a diverse workforce

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Enhance the multi-channel customer experience

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Leverage the power of your data to drive performance

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Modernise your IT and remove the constraints of legacy estates

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Secure your network and users from attack

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Unlock innovation for employees and end-users

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Boost your competitive edge

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Streamline and optimise your IT investments to reduce operating costs