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Simplified Cloud Software with AWS and Trustmarque

Trustmarque is a registered AWS Consulting Partner on the AWS Marketplace and is part of the CPPO programme. This gives you another route for you to buy software from Trustmarque but without having to raise POs or process invoices. It all happens within the AWS Marketplace.

As an AWS Consulting Partner, we can help you quickly find, test, buy and deploy making it easier for you to streamline your procurement and can consolidate your software purchases into one bill, even across multiple vendors.

How it works

We work with our software provider partners to bring you customised offers. Each offer is unique to you and gives you favourable terms and pricing from the public list price.

Simply provide us with your AWS account ID and we will be able to supply you with a bespoke and private offer. If you are happy with your price, accept it and the transaction will be completed seamlessly in your AWS account. There is no PO required as your transaction is entirely managed by AWS.

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What is AWS Marketplace?

The AWS Marketplace provides you with cost-effective and flexible solutions for your users and streamlined control of the procurement process.

It is a curated digital catalogue specifically for AWS cloud. It is designed to make it easier for organisations to purchase and manage their software purchases. There are software listings across security, workplace applications, and data & analytics. Also available are professional services that will help you deploy, implement, and adopt your software, ensuring you get the most from your software investments. With AWS Marketplace, you can shorten your procurement time, put in place governance, and controls you need to comply with your organisation’s policies, and enable your users.

The AWS Marketplace has a wealth of choice which is why we work with a select number of partners to bring you key solutions we know our customers will benefit from.

Greater choice

With an extensive range of software vendors products and services to choose from you can find, test, buy, and deploy solutions quickly through one click deployment options.

Favourable pricing

Our strong partner relationships, in most cases, allows us to offer you more favourable pricing than buying directly through the AWS Marketplace.

Manage and control

You can ensure your purchases align with your policies and compliance requirements allowing you to centralise your governance, innovate quickly and launch software.

Meeting your challenges with AWS Marketplace

Enable rapid and range of innovation and business agility

Reducing friction in your software supply chain and decreasing the costs of time-consuming acquisition processes enables you to gain faster innovation and increase development speed and efficiency. Trustmarque will simplify your transactions beyond traditional buying practices and continue to provide support in the procurement process as a trusted partner.

AWS Marketplace provides access to a variety of software, machine learning, and data products. You can procure software across multiple domains, including infrastructure, security, big data, and business applications, and each domain acquires software through a separate buying centre. This leads to streamlining of processes and centralises access to the software products and cloud services that enable rapid innovation.

Achieving governance and visibility

AWS Marketplace offers features that enhance procurement transparency, manage who can access software procurement, and control costs. Private Marketplace enables you to create a custom catalogue of pre-approved products with defined user permissions, ensuring AWS users launch only vetted software that meets internal policies. Private Marketplace integrates with AWS Security services, such as Identity & Access Management (IAM), to create and manage multi-account permissions for third-party software deployed on AWS.

If you have well-established procurement processes, AWS Marketplace offers Procurement System Integration, which incorporates AWS Marketplace into procurement tools, such as Coupa and Ariba, and supports purchasing of third-party software through established methods. You can centralise software approvals through your procurement system to ensure all purchases are compliant and increase visibility into software orders, billing, and budgets.

High Technology Costs

AWS Marketplace gives pricing flexibility to all customers. You can access the software through free trials with no commitment and utilise pay-as-you-go pricing, so your organisation never pays for more than you use. When ready, you can set contract durations to meet their exact needs, from hourly to multi-year contracts, with many long-term contracts offering higher discounts for commitment.

For higher value purchases, customers can negotiate with vendors and partners to secure preferred pricing and terms. Buyers and sellers can also agree on custom billing frequency with Flexible Payment Scheduler, which enables tailored payment schedules through Private Offers.

Our AWS Marketplace Partners

We have strong relationships with a wider range of Software providers and work closely with them to make sure we can offer you the best pricing and any discounts available to you. We continue to add new providers as soon as they are available.

To get started please complete the form to provide us with your AWS account ID.

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How can Trustmarque help?

With over 30 years of working with partners, such as Microsoft, AWS, VMware, IBM, and Dell Technologies, we have built close and longstanding relationships, and our in-house knowledge and expertise of all our partner’s technologies mean we can focus on building the right solution for you at prices to meet your objectives. We ensure you have access to a wealth of information and tools through our excerpt Sales teams.

We will help you to manage, procure, and adopt your chosen technology to ensure you are maximising your investments and optimising your budget.

For more information on our AWS Marketplace offerings, speak to your Trustmarque Account Manager or email [email protected]